There comes a time in every college student’s life when he or she just needs to turn off the lights, crawl in bed, and hide from the world for a day (or two) with the company of Netflix. Then you hear that low rumbling in the pit of your stomach… you need food ASAP.

But going out and getting your own food, facing the daunting task of getting dressed and having to interact with people? Pass.

We know your struggle, so here’s a list of some of Athens’ best delivery food options to keep your Netflix binge interruption-free.

1. Locos Grill and Pub


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Locos offers a large variety of American foods-from wings and burgers to cheese fries and fried pickles.You can’t go wrong with Locos’ wings, but try the El Dorado burger if you’re feeling particularly adventurous. Wish your arteries luck.

2. Pita Pit

For the days when you literally cannot, we're here for you.

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There’s no better place to go for a pita in Athens than Pita Pit. You can build your own pita, or choose from the variety of specialty options on their menu — the Chicken Caesar pita is definitely a crowd pleaser. The only downside to Pita Pit delivery is the $25 minimum on orders, so be sure to order with a few friends (or just get enough pitas to last you the week).

3. Wingster

As the name suggests, Wingster specializes in none other than wings. Get anywhere from 10 to 60 wings, all reasonably priced. Despite this specialty, Wingster’s expansive menu goes beyond wings, offering wraps, sandwiches, and even Asian Kitchen options. To get the real Wingster experience, though, try an order of their notorious wings or crispy chicken fingers.

4. Bulldawgs Pizza South Side

Bulldawgs is one of the lesser known Athens pizza joints, but deserves credit nonetheless. Though some have given mixed reviews regarding service, Bulldawgs Pizza will quickly deliver hot pizza right to your door. Try some of the menu’s most popular items, like the Pepperoni Powerhouse Pizza, or if you’re not quite in the pizza mood (which is blasphemous, BTW), try the Philly Cheese Steak.

5. Choo Choo


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Offering a wide variety of Japanese and Korean foods, Choo Choo is perfect for your late night hibachi needs. A lot of food for very little money, the chicken or steak teriyaki bowls are sure to satisfy your post-downtown hunger.

#SpoonTip: Stick to Choo Choo for late night purposes only, and don’t forget the yellow sauce.

6. Athens Wok

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Many reviewers describe Athens Wok as some of the best Chinese and Thai in town. This mom and pop operation runs in the heart of downtown Athens, making delivery to campus very quick, and you can always count on great service. You can’t go wrong with the General Tso’s Chicken, and for your Thai food needs, try the Pad Thai or the Pad See U.

7. Jimmy John’s

Most college students are probably familiar with Jimmy John’s as a reliable delivery option. Jimmy John’s sandwiches, whether it be a simple turkey sandwich or an Italian club, are always delivered fresh and always “freaky fast” (and served on some freaky soft bread, too).

#SpoonTip: Order the Beach Club to satisfy your avocado needs.

8. Mellow Mushroom

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This psychedelic spot is a favorite Athens pizza joint among college students. Build your own pizza or salad, or choose from a large variety of specialty options, calzones and hoagies included. Mellow Mushroom also has some delicious “munchies” to offer, so make sure not to miss them (lookin’ at you, bruschetta).

9. Athens Bagel Co.

On a Saturday morning, Athens Bagel is almost certainly a hectic sight to see, so avoid the lines and have your bagel delivered instead. The lox sandwich/bagel is definitely a popular option, but you can’t go wrong with a classic BEC (bacon, egg, and cheese) breakfast bagel.

10. Cali n’ Titos

there's something fishy going on, can we taco about it?!?!

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Many know Cali n’ Titos as that restaurant that doesn’t sell alcohol but lets customers bring their own, but it also serves some of the best Latin food Athens has to offer. If you’re not in the mood to lug a cooler around, have your quesadilla and banana shake delivered instead. When ordering, remember these two words: fish tacos.

11. Taziki’s

It's spanakopita roll-up Wednesday! Roll on up and enjoy Wednesday's special, after all it's only available once a week!

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If you’re in the mood for something a bit lighter and healthier than pizza or hibachi, look no further than Taziki’s. Offering a wide variety of fresh Greek and Mediterranean dishes, Taziki’s does it all right: appetizers, entrees, sides, you name it. Hummus is a must, and gyro lovers will find bliss at Taziki’s.

12. DePalma’s

This list wouldn’t be complete without some mention of Italian food. DePalma’s is definitely on the pricier side, but no need to limit yourself to a DePalma’s meal on parents’ weekends- just take that $20 you were going to spend downtown and spend it on carbs instead. Make sure to try the signature Pasta DePalma, and don’t forget the breadsticks.

13. Taqueria Tsunami


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Taqueria Tsunami offers Latin-Asian fusion at its best, giving your typical tacos and quesadillas an exciting flare. And with a new location downtown, delivery will be faster and cheaper than ever. Spoon recommendation: the Asian nachos are life-changing.

14. Shokitini

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Shokitini offers some of the best sushi in town, and though some of the more elaborate rolls can get expensive, Shokitini does not lack in affordable options. Soups, salads, appetizers, and other entrees are available as well. Be sure to check out the Athens-themed rolls, like the UGA roll, the Dawg roll, and the Classic City roll.

15. Porterhouse Grill


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I know what you’re thinking, “Porterhouse? Really? There goes my allowance for the month.” Though a Porterhouse steak isn’t exactly available for chump change, why not treat yo’ self to a Steak Frites sometime, especially when it will come right to your front door? Your parents will understand (maybe).

And remember, folks, always tip your drivers.