Tucked away in Boston’s South End, Myers + Chang offers a fusion of Thai, Vietnamese, Taiwanese and Chinese cuisines. From scallion pancakes, to hot & sour soup and bokkeumbap, to fish tacos and chicken and waffles, Myers + Chang has it all.

The chefs, inspired by “Taiwanese soul food and Southeast Asian street food,” put an American twist on Asian dishes, or an Asian twist on American dishes. Whatever they’re doing over there, let’s just say it’s working for them.

We started with the papaya slaw, but be careful with this one. Although it’s one of my favorites, it can be extremely spicy. It has great texture though, so consider asking for them to make it less spicy so you can enjoy it too.

papaya slaw

Photo by Ellen Bartolino

Everything we ordered was incredible. We ordered a couple of main dishes and a side to split after the papaya slaw, which in retrospect was probably too much food, but leaving a meal still hungry isn’t something my boyfriend and I do very often.

Wok-charred octopus and grilled corn, with Sriracha butter and spring onion came next.

corn octopus

Photo by Ellen Bartolino

The octopus was cooked phenomenally. It was tender, but not rubbery, and the corn, coated in the Sriarcha butter, was delicious.

Fried chicken and ginger waffles, with “surprising sauce,” and sesame honey butter was course three.

chicken and waffles

Photo by Ellen Bartolino

This is no ordinary waffle, this is a ginger waffle, and it was fluffy and extremely flavorful, especially with the addition of the sesame honey butter. The chicken was tender on the inside and perfectly crispy on the outside. Together they create a harmonious bite.

Next up, Korean BBQ sloppy jo, with bulgoki, kimchee cukes, and sweet potato chips.

bulgoki slider 2

Photo by Ellen Bartolino

A picture doesn’t do this meal justice. The bulgoki was tender and sweet, and the kimchee cucumbers on top gave it a great tanginess.

We also ordered a side of the sweet and sour Brussels sprouts, which were delicious. I would’ve never thought to put sweet and sour sauce on veggies but it was amazing. Definitely not something to miss out on.

As another huge perk, Myers + Chang offers separate gluten-free lunch and dinner menus, and they even put every gluten free dish in red bowls so as to not confuse them with the other dishes in the kitchen. There are also menus for nut-free, shellfish-free and vegetarian diets. All around, it’s a wonderful culinary experience and a great place to go for date night (with friends or your boo) to share the small plates and try a bunch of different things.

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