If you’re looking for some great sandwiches, pizza, gelato, and more, Tino’s is the place to go. If you haven’t been yet, you MUST go. It’ll be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

I have been attending Fordham for only two months now and I’ve already found my favorite place to indulge on Arthur Avenue. For over 50 years, Tino’s Deli has been serving home cooked meals that cater to carb loving students of Fordham University. Let me just give you a tour of my experience with Tino’s.

After a late night at Howl, I woke up craaaaaving a fat and juicy egg sandwich. Well what do ya know! I live right across from Tino’s so I hopped out of bed and got my lazy booty in that restaurant. My bacon egg and cheese sandwich tasted like heaven. Not only was it on a huge crispy roll, but the bacon was extra crispy, just the way I like! The eggs were fluffy, warm, and oh so cheesy. #noregrets

What, it’s already lunch time?!? Yay more food from Tino’s! Alright, so for lunch lets just carb up some more and get a nice personal pizza. I like to call it a personal pizza because I eat all of it, not because it’s small. I went for the #basic Margarita pizza and it was FAB. The thin, crispy crust crumbled in my salivating mouth and…….ya no words.

Arthur Ave Deli

Gif courtesy of giphy.com

Okay, by now you probably cannot think of putting anything else in your stomach, however, you have to finish it off with Tino’s delectable gelato. Consuming their cups of gelato is so easy, however, picking out your flavor is the difficult part. Some flavors out of the twelve to choose from are: chocolate, cookies and cream, and tiramisu. Yum! So by now you have a full knowledge of what to expect when walking into Arthur Ave’s top restaurant/deli.

PS. Don’t forget, you can pick up an abundance of meats, cheeses and pasta for home!!