Located just ten minutes from the heart of the University of Illinois campus, Art Mart is a specialty grocery store that sells a variety of items, including artisan cheeses, meats, and wines. Art Mart originally opened as an art gallery, but over the years, they began to sell specialty foods, cookware, clothes, and toys.

Art Mart has what you need when you're on the hunt for something unique. The deli is stocked with cheeses and house-made salads that will make your mouth water by just looking at them. Their Smoked Gouda pasta salad is the adult version of classic mac n' cheese and will make you wonder why you ate pasta with powdered cheese for so long.

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The cafe in the store serves classic caffeinated drinks and out-of-this-world pastries and breads. While everything is made fresh daily, the coffee and bread are imported into the store. Art Mart sells Intelligestia coffee that is brewed at the Roasting Works in Chicago and is sent to the store to be served the next day. The bread is baked by Mirabelle Bread, which is located in Urbana, Illinois. Mirabelle Bread bakes all of their bread in a stone oven that was imported from France.  

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Art Mart's wine selection is nothing short of amazing. Bottles of wine line the wall of the grocery store from floor to ceiling, making it hard to choose just one bottle. They steer away from brands to focus on the quality of the wine to make sure only the best are for sale. 

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Photo courtesy of Art Mart on Facebook

Next time you want to spice up your diet or want to impress your friends with a tasty wine, head over to Art Mart and start shopping. Art Mart has the friendliest of workers that will make sure that you leave happy and ready to start eating.