Aspire to travel the world some day? If you’re like me, you’d probably want to know a little about the places you plan on traveling to before you go. With the number and variety of food trucks on campus, you can go around the world and back without even walking across campus.

Tyson Bees

Photo by Olivia Tan

Although nestled next to Franklin Field way down at 33rd and Spruce, this graffiti-coated cart is hard to miss. A meal at Tyson Bees made me want to travel across the world to see what Korean food is all about. The chicken quesadilla I ordered had a perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors that made me never want to eat a traditional quesadilla again. Even though the entire ensemble was a little messy and overladed with sauce on top, I can confidently say this was the best food truck I’ve ever tried. Plus, the iced tea washed down the quesadilla quite nicely, giving me enough energy to skip my post-lunch siesta.


Photo by Rebecca Li

Conveniently located at 37th and Spruce, MexiPhillly is a great lunch option. It’s burritos are a goldilocks size – not too small, but not too big. However, although I was excited to try their unique plantain burrito, I was disappointed. The sweet plantain zest was overpowered by the heavy beans. MexiPhilly, charging $3.50 a meal, offers a cheap way to experience that Latin flavor you may crave, but you might rather spring for Honest Tom’s.

Gigi’s and the Big R

Photo by Olivia Tan

Caribbean food is not always easy to come by, and after going to Gigi’s and the Big R, you might still be a little confused as to what the cuisine really is. It doesn’t really matter though, because it’s delicious. I ordered mac and cheese, candied yams, and collard greens. The candied yams were especially out of this world.

There are some cons of Gigi’s. I tried to order several items off the menu (like the chicken breast and cornbread), but was informed each time that they “haven’t had those items in months.” I was also disappointed to realize that Caribbean soul food is no different than the American comfort food I crave in the middle of winter. That said, if you want really good comfort food (especially mac and cheese!, don’t not walk past 38th and Spruce.

New York Halal Cart

Photo by Olivia Tan

The falafel and chicken over rice with white sauce at New York Halal Cart was a truly spectacular lunch. The portions are filling yet sensible, the chicken is tender and perfectly seasoned and the rice soaks up the spice from the sauces to create a balance of flavor and zest that you could never get at Magic Carpet. The bonus of a free drink with the meal gives even more incentive to come back again and again. If you have a hankering for Middle Eastern food, look no further than 38th and Spruce.