Ok so it’s not really a secret, but with the huge list of Torani syrup flavors, sh*t can get overwhelming. Luckily, we’ve got the inside scoop on 7 drinks the staff of the Durham Aroma’s are obsessed with, so you no longer need to fret and get sweaty at the register.


Photo by Danielle Gervais

1. Maple, Hazelnut, and Peanut Butter Coffee

Crazy Aroma Joe’s fans are already catching onto this drink, notoriously known as, “Log Cabin”. It’s so good it’s shocking it hasn’t made it onto AJ’s, “signature flavors” list yet.

2. Amaretto, Almond Roca, and Chocolate Milano Coffee

Love Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream? This has the exact same flavors plus an extra energy boost that ice cream doesn’t have…because it’s coffee. Duh. #Winning.

3. Orange and Chocolate Milano Coffee

Most people never think to put fruity flavors in their coffee, but this mix tastes just like Fruit Loops and who doesn’t LOVE Fruit Loops for breakfast??


Photo by Danielle Gervais

4. Witches Brew with Hazelnut and French Vanilla Hot Coffee

A new twist on the classic witches brew has caught the attention of a few baristas at AJ’s. Drink it with cream and sugar or drink it black – either way it’s still the sweetest drink they’ve got.

5. Coconut and Amaretto Coffee with Almond Milk

PSA: AROMA JOES NOW HAS ALMOND MILK. The nutty flavor of the almond milk with the pistachio flavor of the amaretto is pure bliss. Add some coconut and you’ll be in heaven.

6. Creme de Menthe Espresso Bomb with Chocolate Milk

Didn’t know that you could replace your cream with chocolate milk at Aroma’s? Grab this minty fresh coffee and espresso with chocolate milk, or add chocolate milk to any of your favorite drinks for a change. Yeah, you’re welcome.


Photo by Danielle Gervais

7. Blackberry and Peach Rush, Italian Soda, of Iced Tea

Sick of you same old raspberry and pomegranate rush? Or your iced tea with two Splenda? Sweeten up with blackberry and peach for a change.

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