Who doesn't love ice cream? You know the old saying, "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!" It's so versatile: in a cup, a cone, a sundae, a milkshake, fried, or a pie topping...and now a new ice cream trend is taking over the East Village — stuffed ice cream. 

First starting off in California, and eventually making its way to the East Coast, Stuffed Ice Cream — located on First Avenue  specializes in "cruffs" or also known as ice cream stuffed into a doughnut.

Cynthia Lee

As simple as it may sound, there is a complexity to this sweet, cold dessert. A handcrafted glazed doughnut with creative flavors of house-made ice cream such as Thai tea, lavender white chocolate, and cookie monster, garnished with as wide a variety of toppings you could imagine — we're talking fruity pebbles, gummy bears, and condensed milk.

Cynthia Lee

Signature Cruffs

If you hate choosing, the menu comes complete with eight signature Cruffs that are winning combinations, their bestsellers including Cookie Road, Cereal Killer, and Unicorn Poop. 

Cookie Road: Cookie Monster and Rocky Road ice cream topped off with Oreos and chocolate syrup

Cereal Killer: Fruity Pebbles and Cinnamon Toast Crunch ice cream topped off with Captain Crunch cereal and caramel drizzle

Unicorn Poop: White Chocolate Lavender and Thai Tea ice cream topped off with Fruity Pebbles and condensed milk

Cynthia Lee

Doughnut Ice Cream...Too Extra?

You might be worried it will be too sweet, but the carefully concocted doughnut recipe actually balances out the flavors, rather than overpowering your tastebuds.

The warm doughnut makes a delicious hot and cold contrast with the ice cream. Plus, unlike an ice cream sandwich or a cone, where it drips as the ice cream melts, the fluffy doughnut in the Cruff actually soaks up the ice cream to enhance the experience

Cynthia Lee

Other Specialities: Ice Cream Bouquet

Of course, for those who still love their classic ice cream cone, Stuffed Ice Cream goes above and beyond. They give you an option between a single scoop to an entire bouquet (up to 21 scoops), all on a Konery cone. How many of your friends do you think it will take to finish 21 scoops of ice cream? 

Cynthia Lee

So, although summer may be over, ice cream is great all year around. And with hopes down the road of more doughnut flavors and homemade cones, the possibilities are endless. Come check out Cruffs!