Whether you attend UMass Amherst or have come to visit friends and family, chances are you've experienced the best late night pizza around the UMass campus. But if you have yet to bless your tastebuds with Antonio's Pizza, you need to do so immediately. This pizza joint started right here in Western Massachusetts and has been serving up the best pizza topping combinations "by the slice" since opening in 1991.

Antonio's caters to college students' cravings for high-quality cheese pizza by serving it up for a mere dollar per slice on Fridays from 12 am-2 am. If cheese isn't your forte, don't fret: One of their other classic pizzas or a daily special is bound to make your mouth water. Whether it's a classic white pizza or a taco pizza topped with avocado slices, you are guaranteed to find a slice to fit your liking. My personal favorite is the chicken bacon ranch, pictured below.

As of recently, there are new Antonio's Pizza locations, but Amherst will always be the first and, in my opinion, the best. Other college campuses will now get to enjoy the best late-night pizza, but they'll also have to experience the long lines to get it. On Friday and Saturday nights, the line to get into Antonio's is just as long as the lines to get into the local bars, if not longer.

But don't get discouraged by the line... It moves faster than you'd think. (Shoutout to the Antonio's staff for being quick on their feet!) The long line is also due to the fact that the establishment is small, so the line is always out the door. Regardless of the reason, I promise that pizza will be worth the wait. 

Antonio's can be enjoyed fresh out of the oven as a cure for the munchies, or it can be microwaved or devoured right out of the fridge as a hangover cure the next day. No matter where or when you eat it, Antonio's will surely be some of the best pizza you ever sink your teeth into.