Recently, one of my vegetarian friends candidly expressed that “A Vegetarian’s Guide to the Ave” was nowhere near comprehensive enough. And I agreed.

So I hit up all my vegetarian friends for their favorite spots on the Ave. These popped up most often:

1. Chili’s South Indian Cuisine


Photo courtesy of @fwoodie on Instagram

This should’ve been obvious, especially since I’m a South Indian. Also, I eat here pretty much every week.

South Indian vegetarian food is the best vegetarian food you can get. Okay maybe, just maybe, my opinion is biased because I grew up on this stuff. Regardless, go try it and find out for yourself.

Most of the customers I see at Chili’s are also regulars. What’s more, the owner goes from table to table making good conversation and she knows most everyone by name. Some of their dishes remind me of home, particularly the ones containing okra. Never tried okra? Boy oh boy are you in for a treat.

2. Green House Korean Restaurant


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Although not technically right on the Ave, this joint was too close-by and too good to leave ignored.

This isn’t a very hi-fi place, but it’s affordable and vaguely homey. The vegetable bibimbap is Amazing. That’s right—Amazing with a capitalized A. I feel quite strongly about their bibimbap. According to a friend, the tofu soup is equally good.

Good food. Good vibes. Good life.

3. Samurai Noodle


Photo courtesy of @samurainoodlehouston Instagram

Ah, Samurai Noodle. So spicy. So nice. Vegetarians will be spoiled with choices here. There is also non-spicy food for those not as enthused by spice as I am. The tofu ramen is unanimously a favorite among my vegetarian friends. The portion sizes here are pretty generous too.