If you don’t think the words ‘healthy’ and ‘pizza’ can be used in the same sentence: think again. Bigalora provides healthier-than-average pizza, but trust me, it tastes the same. It might even be better. Using local ingredients, non-commercial yeast and no salt, Bigalora’s pizza dough is healthier than 99.9% of other pizzas.

When I walked in, I instantly liked the vibes. Cool décor surrounded the walls and ceiling, an open kitchen and packed house. We were upstairs, seated at a table for ten.

The expansive menu had me conflicted, but I settled on the wood-fired beets salad and then shared several pizzas and appetizers with the rest of the table. We waited what felt like forever for our first course. Being upstairs with only one other table may have been to blame. Hey waiter: What are we, chopped liver?

When my salad arrived, I found myself (in a typical Jess fashion) eating my friend’s chopped salad instead of my own, and I would recommend her’s over the beet salad, though both were delicious.

Photo by Jess Spivack

Then our pizzas came out, sans our appetizers. We devoured the Margherita, classic and farm egg pies. Only down for one pie? Go for the farm egg, which is topped with a fried egg and zucchini. This seemingly random combination had a unique but pleasing flavor.

Photo by Jess Spivack

After munching on the pizza for a while, we reminded our servers about our appetizers, and they finally brought them out. The risotto balls were average and the brussels felt undercooked. Plus, we were already stuffed from the pizza.


Photo by Jess Spivack

Overall, I’d go again for the pizza and salads, but wouldn’t order the side dishes. The restaurant is still new and it seems they are still in the process of getting their act together when it comes to the service. Yet, I’d definitely recommend this spot and think it’s a great addition to Ann Arbor.

Bonus: If you carry out the pizza, a pie is six dollars, four dollars cheaper than when dining in, as they feel it isn’t the same quality and shouldn’t be the same price. I’m down.


Location: 3050 Washtenaw, Suite 112, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Hours of Operation: Sun-Thurs 11 am – 10 pm, Fri-Sat 11 am – 11 pm


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