Being part of the Michigan scene also means to succumbing to that painfully predictable routine: every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday we get “like soooo f*cked up” at one of the same two bars and then stumble to NYPD or Pizza House to gorge on pizza and/or cheesy bread. As much as I love both those food items, I’m here to argue that when it comes to late-night we are far too uninformed on all the other juicy, cheesy and crispy goodness Ann Arbor has to offer. Here’s some of the amazing late-night dining options you didn’t know about (because girl, you burned so many calories dancing tonight. You deserve it.)

Mennas Joint

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Conveniently located around the corner from Skeeps (and right next-door to NYPD). this brand new spot serves dubs which are what the cooks like to describe as, “Americanized burritos.” Ranging from the most popular master dub (chicken, cheddar, mozzarella, potato and sour cream) to breakfast options like the classic dub (scrambled egg, cheddar and potato) these dubs are cheesy, gooey and a perfect snack for your drunk, deprived stomach.Added bonus: they serve mac ‘n cheese bites, mozzarella sticks and cookies. Open ’til 3 AM. And delivers (but with a $0.60 fee).

607 E William St. 734-214-3827.

Hunter House Hamburgers

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Right next door to Menna’s Joint, this place serves classic greasy burgers and tater tots. Cue your drunk friends making Napoleon Dynamite references. With the vibes of an old-school diner, the menu is simple, extremely inexpensive (a cheeseburger costs only $2.35) and a much-needed change from pizza. Open ’til 3 AM (Thurs-Sat).
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609 E. William St. 734-368-9592.

Burger Fi

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Most of us know that Burger Fi exists, but did you know that on weekends it’s open even after the bars close? With some of the juiciest  burgers you can find on campus (along with the thickest, creamiest milkshakes) this place is too underrated in the late-night food scene. Next time you leave Rick’s, swap your cheesy bread for a double natural angus burger and a red-velvet milkshake – you wont regret it, at least anymore than you’ll regret the cheesy bread. Open ’til 3 AM (Thurs-Sat). And it delivers.

1235 South University Ave. 734-929-5605.

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BTB Burrito

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Not to be confused with BTB Cantina, which we can’t vouch for in terms of food. Home to one of the best quesadillas in Ann Arbor, BTB Burrito offers extremely flavorful, delicious Mexican late-night. Located on S. State Street near Rod’s Diner and Quickie Burger, this place is small, cozy and usually crowded because of it’s popularity (You go, Glen Coco). The menu ranges from giant burritos and gooey quesadillas to nachos and tacos. Don’t forget guacamole. Open ’til 4 AM.
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810 S. State St. 734-222-4822.

Fleetwood Diner
This cozy little American-style diner not only serves some of the best brunch you can find in Ann Arbor, but also the most greasy and satisfying late-night drunk food, ever. If you can make it out to the Main Street area after the bar, be sure to hit up this spot and order the new stuffed french toast or sunny side up eggs with, most importantly, a side of the famous hippie hash (crispy hash browns topped with grilled green peppers, onions, tomatoes, broccoli, mushrooms and melted feta cheese). WARNING: you will most likely run into some extremely, let’s just say interesting, Ann Arbor locals when dining at this joint. Open 24 hours and delivers.

300 S. Ashley St. 734-995-5502.


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