Here in Buffalo, we take our food to a whole other level— specifically the chicken wings. Yes, yes we are home to the classic and flavorful Buffalo chicken wings. And what better way to spend a Sunday watching football, hanging with the crew, and snacking on some savory, heavenly Buffalo wings? It's up to you whether you want your wings to be mild, medium, or blazing hot. 

But if you are going to do chicken wings right here in the Queen city, you get wings from one of two places: Anchor Bar, home of the chicken wings, or Duff's, the competing rival. 

The History

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Taylor Wright

Anchor Bar became famous for its creation of the chicken wings in the early 60's. Teressa Bellissmo invented them by accident, when she obtained chicken wings instead of chicken necks. Rather than throwing and wasting the wings, she got creative, deep friend the wings, and zested them with a special, extraordinary, AND LIFE CHANGING secret sauce. The wings became an instant hit, and they kept the recipe a secret for years to come.

A few short years after the creation of the renowned wings, another local bar in Buffalo known as Duff's, served customers there first batch of wings. Right then and there they too became beloved by patrons.

These bars have been batting for the "best wings" title, and there is much debate as to who serves the most badass, exquisite Buffalo chicken wings. 

I set out on a quest. A quest to see who serves the most tender, crispiest, and sauciest Buffalo chicken wings here in the Queen city. 

The Test

chicken, meat, chicken wings, sauce, pork, barbecue, beef
Taylor Wright
chicken, meat, sauce, chicken wings, pork
Taylor Wright

I ordered the classic mild wings from both restaurants. Before sampling, I could already see a noticeable and extremely admirable difference in the appeal for the wings. Glancing at Duff's chicken wings, I could tell they were WAY saucier. Even inhaling the aroma triggered my taste buds to water ferociously (I was honestly drooling, TBH).

Anchor Bar's chicken wings had very little to no sauce on them, but a much more crispier and crunchier look which caught me off guard.

I continued my journey across campus and asked different chicken wing lovers to taste the two batches, and asked which they preferred the most. 

A staggering amount of people claimed Duff's Buffalo wings were a lot more pungent and saucier than Anchor Bar's mild wings, which was a preference for the majority. One tester argued if the Buffalo sauce on the Duff's wings were on the Anchor Bar chicken wings, they would prefer those over Duff's because of the crispy, crunchy texture of the Anchor Bar wings. Creating the best of both worlds!


I was bewildered that wing lovers fancied not the creator and home of the Buffalo chicken wings, but the "other guy" way more. Lovers preferred the sauce on the chicken wings rather than the texture and look of them-  "it is all about the sauce and oomph of the wings," one young fella told me.  

So when you're itching for some luscious, authentic Buffalo chicken wings drenched in sauce, think about getting Duff's. If you are more traditional when it comes to food and don't get to fancy (specifically you aren't particularly fond of  the spiciness), Anchor Bar is the safer option for your choice in wings.

Next time you and the squad are having a movie night or drunk eating at 2 am, go out and grab some Duff's or Anchor Bar Buffalo-styled chicken wings to share!