In Loving Memory 

Greeks Gone Wild

July, 2009 – September, 2015

Greeks Gone Wild, most commonly recognized as “Greeks”, opened at 2039 University Blvd in September of 2009 under the loving ownership of Peter Kallas, who also owns Steakhouse 10 in Englewood, CO. Greeks life came to a sudden end the summer of 2015, shocking all of its dear fans.

Greeks may not have been everyone’s go-to lunch joint, but once we all leave Denver’s nearby bars, the restaurant acted as a magnet, pulling us in with its warm colors and irresistible smells.

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Some of us chose to order their classic gyros. Some chose to go with their perfectly crispy and fresh chicken fingers. No matter what was picked, Greeks assured its customers that would receive food that was made with love; and boy, did they deliver.

Greeks had a passion for delivering happiness. One could always rely on the establishment to provide them with satisfying late night eats. They would leave Greeks with a happy tummy, and a ginormous grin — the true feeling of fulfillment.

The physical body of Greeks Gone Wild has become the Chinese restaurant, Yum Yum Spice, but the spirit of Greeks Gone Wild will always remain in the hearts of their regular customers — the students of the University of Denver.

Here is short poem that encapsulates our feelings about the great loss:

An Ode to Greeks

When day turns to night

and nostalgia lingers,

all we desire

are Greeks’ chicken fingers.

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Rest in peace our dearest Greeks.

Please feel free to comment with the stories, memories, or feelings that Greeks Gone Wild has allowed you to experience.