I'm telling you, food halls are the wave of the future. Don't know what you're in the mood for? Go to a food hall. Going to dinner with a big group and can't decide what type of food to eat? Go to a food hall. My favorite food hall (and yes, I am biased) in baltimore has to be R. House. This gem located in Remington between Hampden and John Hopkins University should be your go-to place for good food, good drinks, and good company. 

I say that I am biased that R. House is my favorite food hall only because I spent the summer interning for events and marketing at R. House aka basically living there because I was there so much. Throughout the summer, I've gotten to try the majority of the food R. House offers so I thought I'd share some of my favorites.

Ground & Griddled

The breakfast sammies at G&G are incredible and you can't go wrong with them. I love either pairing one with a matcha or regular latte with their housemade almond cashew milk. Always be sure to check their specials, they are incredible!

Amano Taco

Nikki D'Ambrosio

Amano is a crowd favorite and for good reason, how could you go wrong with fresh tacos and burrito bowls? Think: Chipotle but a million times better. I tend to go for a salad with all the toppings (chicken, picked onions, guac, salsa verde, and corn) but don't miss out on the homemade chips and elote. 


Be.bim is like an Asian-style Chipotle. With their korean bbq bowls, you get a pick a protein (ranging from tofu to salmon and everything in between), a base (rice, greens, etc.), and all the veggies you could think of. In the mood for something different? Be.bim also has delicious dumplings and several specials such as ramen.


Nikki D'Ambrosio

Arba has been my summer favorite–probably because of the Mediterranean food kick I have had all summer. Thanks, Mamma Mia. You can't go wrong with Arba but my favorite dish is the greek salad topped with seared tuna or a tuna platter (pictures above) with all the fixings. Be sure to check their specials board (next to the cash register) to try some seasonal specials.

White Envelope

If you've never had an arepa, here's your chance and I promise, you won't regret it. White Envelope has some of the most thought out, well-crafted dishes that always hit the spot. Arepas are little corn buns/pockets stuffed with various ingredients–like a sandwich or pita pocket, almost. For all of my friends with gluten allergies, lucky for you because White Envelopes entire menu is gluten free. My personal favorite arepa is probably the vegan one–all delicious though.


I've sat through many lunch crowds at R. House and BRD is probably the most popular stall for lunch...and at all times, really. I'll be completely honest with you, the fried chicken sammie is the one iconic R. House dish that I haven't tried. Mostly because I just started eating meat again and I think it would shock my system buuuut I have had plenty of friends try it and I can assure you that it's worth all the hype. If you're not in the mood for a typical chicken sandwich, BRD also offers an array of chicken wings that'll give Buffalo Wild Wings a run for their money.


Nikki D'Ambrosio

I have a soft spot for Molina since it reminds me of growing up learning all of my Dad's Italian recipes and eating tons of homemade pizza. Yes, the pizzas are amazing–especially the vegan–but my little "hack" that not many people know is that Molina bakes their own bagels on the weekend for brunch. Nothing better than a fresh bagel and lox.


The poké bowl and sushi burrito trend has hit Baltimore and it's just as good as all the hype makes it up to be. Hilo has all of the combinations for sushi burritos and poké that you could think of. Not everyone knows that they also do traditional sushi rolls, if that's the way you roll ;)

Stall 11

Nikki D'Ambrosio

Stall 11 is also a go-to for me with all of their plant based eats. A crowd (and personal) favorite is the korean fried cauliflower but I also love the BLT+A (pictured above)–with smoky tempeh, homemade sourdough, and tons of avocado. If you're looking for something quick, Stall 11 has delicious smoothies and juices and also sells Hex Ferments kraut and kombucha.

Little Baby's

Little Baby's is a D.C local chain that has thankfully made its way down to Baltimore. A few things I love about Little Baby's: the creative flavors, how they always have a good amount of vegan flavors, their new soft serve, and last but not least...their baby scoop! The baby scoop is perfect for when you still want dessert but are too full from all of the food you just ate.

The Pop-Up

Nikki D'Ambrosio

One of the most overlooked stalls in R. House has to be the Pop-Up. Probably because the actual vendor in the stall is never constant. R. House uses this space for chefs to test new recipes, meet new customers and join a new community. Always be sure to check out the pop-up because each is equally unique as it is delicious. Pictured above is the delicious homemade stracciatella from Patterson Public House.

r. bar

I cannot actually recommend anything from r. bar since I am only 20 but I can say, always be sure to check out their seasonal cocktail menu–each cocktail is thoughtfully crafted and really a work of art. For my Instagram friends, you can guarantee an instaworthy shot with one of these cocktails.

There's really nothing bad at R. House. During my time this summer, I have gotten the chance to meet the people behind the stalls, the bar, and behind R. House as a whole. I can say everyone is so genuinely nice and really care about producing the best food, drinks, and space possible. It's obvious when people really love what they're doing and at R. House, you can see the passion seeping through the space