Bali is not only renowned for its beaches, but also for its drool-worthy food. This means you can go on a culinary adventure while taking lots of Insta-worthy food pictures by the ocean. Having gone home (yes, my home-base is Indonesia) and spending a week in Bali, I compiled this list to help you narrow down the must-eats in Bali. 

Breakfast and Brunch

Milu By Nook

Secluded among the rice fields, this place forces you to take the scenic route through a small main road to get there. Milu is an au-naturel cafe that overlooks the lush, green rice fields. The interior theme is white and wooden, creating a warm ambiance when you enter the cafe. They have an array of brunch food, from tapas to smoothie bowls, that you’ll be tempted to choose from.

Pro-tip: Milu designated one section of their menu for vegetarians and vegans, making the cafe more inclusive of everyone’s dietary needs. 


There are tons of bakeries to choose from in Bali, but Livingstone is one you must visit at least once. The brightly-lit, two-story interior gives you to take the perfect photo of your brunch experience. I like to order their delish eggs benedict for brunch; it's a simple dish but never disappointing. Another recommendation is their avocado coffee, a unique take on the classic Indonesian avocado juice.

Pro-tip: While you’re at it, might as well try their Insta-famous Watermelon bread that you can buy from their bakery.


I’m sure you’ve heard of this famed brunch place before. Stop by Sisterfields for a neat brunch place. I often alternate between their fluffy Pancakes and Red Berries or their sinful Chocolate Brioche French Toast. Long lines emerge during peak hours, so try to go earlier or slightly later from brunch times to skip the hassle.


Ayam Goreng Widuran (Indonesian fried chicken)

Craving for some fried chicken? Widuran doesn’t try hard to impress you with their simple menu of the best traditional fried chicken that is to-die-for. I love going for their thigh meat because it’s so tender, flavorful, and not too dry like other fried chicken restaurants in the area. The distinct taste of the dish is always a delight to eat when eaten together with their signature Kremes (yummy flakes of brown fried flour). 

Pro-tip: Following the chili hype in Bali, Widuran serves three types of chilis to compliment their fried chicken: the original (slightly-sweet) red chili, sambal matah (a mixture of chili padis, peppers, shallots, lemongrass, and red onions), and the three-chili blend (the spiciest amongst all). Get ready to be adventurous with your choice.

Bebek Tepi Sawah (crispy duck rice)

Another must-try Balinese dish is the crispy duck rice. Surrounded by rice paddies, you can request for a private hut to get a fully immersive dining experience in the tropics. The standard duck dish comes with vegetables and of course, sambal (chili sauce). You’ll leave this place with a full tummy and a refreshed mind.

Babi Guling Dobiel (suckling pig)

The food scene in Bali is filled with pork, making this the OG local dish. The pig is typically stuffed and infused with spices, such as coriander seeds and black pepper before it’s spit-roasted. It comes with a small bowl of tasty offal soup to add more flavor. This place also serves fresh coconut in the husk. I know you’ll be tempted to take the perfect food photo here.

Pro-tip: Balinese food is known to be spicy, and this dish is no exception. If you think you can’t handle the heat, you can opt for a non-spicy option of the dish.


La Brisa

Looking for a pretty place to chill out and watch the sun go down? Hit La Brisa to grab casual drinks and Western food with your friends by their private pool and beach. Bring your swimsuit with you and take a dip in the water. The ocean-themed cafe gives off a rustic feel for all you artsy people out there. 

Menega Cafe

This restaurant is located at the Jimbaran beach, where it’s famous for seafood. You’ll get to choose to sit indoors or right at the beach where the sand is. With an array of fresh seafood to choose from, such as grilled squid and Ikan Bakar (grilled fish), you’ll be excited from all the choices you have to make. At night, this area comes to life with other vendors promoting souvenirs and mobile musicians playing music along the beach.

Warung Wahaha Ribs 

Wahaha Ribs has the best-barbecued pork ribs I’ve tasted in Bali. The rack of meat is served with a peppery barbeque sauce. The pork meat is crispy on the outside and so tender and juicy on the inside; it melts in your mouth perfectly. Wahaha offers plenty of other options on the menu if you’re not feeling meaty at the moment, too. The cozy atmosphere in the restaurant at night is also a plus.

Snacks on the go 

Pison Coffee

If you’re looking for a robust cup of coffee, you hit the jackpot at Pison Coffee. The coffee they serve is strong, so get ready to get hooked on the caffeine. Adorned with books you can read, the laid-back atmosphere in this cafe is another option if you want to skip the beach for the day.

Gusto Gelato

What’s summer without some ice cream? Gusto is the place to spoil yourself with an array of gelatos and sherberts. With more than forty flavors to choose from, you can go crazy on your choice of ice cream combination. I highly recommend the guava and white mango sherbert for a tropical combination. Gusto does a great job bringing the real taste of the fruit in their sherbert.

Nalu Bowls

From the outside, Nalu Bowls might seem like a hole-in-the-wall smoothie bowl place. The trick is to go upstairs into a shaded interior that any surfer or hipster would chill in. This Hawaiian-inspired cafe prides themselves on serving nourishing and healthy smoothie bowls using only the freshest and basic fruits on their signature coconut bowl. What’s a better way add more sweetness to your day?

Stroll along the streets and beaches of Bali and you’ll find a mix of authentic Indonesian food and Instagrammable Western cafes. No matter which one you choose, of these places will have you planning a trip to come back.