There are some things in life that you're just supposed to do, like not go to the bathroom in public, not run red lights, hold the door for people, pet puppies, and eat Skyline if you're in Cincinnati. I was doing all those things, except for eating Skyline chili. So instead of outcasting myself for eternity, here is my personal journey to trying Skyline Chili. 

I'm not even from Ohio. 

I was born and raised in Maryland and obviously we do not have Skyline Chili. My dad makes chili a lot, so how different could it be? Well, it took me a full year and a half to build up the courage to try Skyline's famous chili.

Cincinnati prides itself on a lot of things and Skyline is definitely one of them. If you are from Ohio, you know what it is and you 100% eat their food. It's a birth right and, in fact, I believe it's a requirement to vote in the state of Ohio.

I can't say that I'm one of those free-spirited people whose catch phrase is "don't knock it 'till you try it." I am also not an 85-year-old grandfather. I do, however, judge everything. I judged Skyline's food way before I ever stepped in a restaurant. Did I do the same thing with broccoli? Yes, I did.

So back to the whole east coast thing. I go home for break and everyone always asks three questions in this same order: 1. "How's school?" 2. "Do you have a boyfriend?" 3. "Do you like the chili?" The thing is, the first question is just to start the conversation, then the second question is comedic relief, because then everything gets super serious for the third question.

It's almost like my college experience and life will not be satisfactory or approved by my friends and family until I try this freaking chili. I held my ground for awhile, "No, I don't think I'll like it anyway." But that only lasted so long.

I decided it was time to try Skyline.

My roommates and I all play lacrosse and one day during full field sprints I decided, "I am going to try Skyline this weekend." Naturally, I went up to my Ohioan roommate and said "I'm ready." She was so confused, but then I explained how I was going to try Skyline and wanted her to share the experience with me. Then, she was pumped.

After practice, I told all my teammates and the responses were not confidence building ones and ranged from just disgusted looks to "it's actually awful." Some may say it's an ~acquired~ taste. (Note: 90% of our team is from the east coast.)

Ohioan roommate, one other teammate, and I are sitting at the table, in Skyline. I looked at the menu for about three seconds, before our waitress sped over to introduce herself. Drinks? Yes, water please. She returns and asks if we are ready, when I explained myself and how I would like to try a menu item before ordering for a small village. (A girl's gotta eat, ya know what I'm sayin). 

My order has arrived.

I ordered a coney and I loved it. L-O-V-E, loved it. So after the five seconds it took me to try it, I ordered like five more (okay, just two). Our waitress was so happy that I was so happy and I feel like we really bonded over this experience. I even tried one with habanero cheese and fancied that too.

Someone said there was cinnamon in the chili? I tasted zero cinnamon, but okay sure. The cheese was thinly shredded and was just perfect on top. The coneys satisfied any and all cravings that I had for Skyline. If we are being honest, the noodles look disgusting and I'm never trying them (judging again). But, since I was so happy with my experience, I will go back and I will bully my other east coast roommates to try it too.

To the haters: you motivate me. To my friends and family from home: I do like the chili, thanks for asking.