My biggest accomplishment in life? Trying every acai bowl in The Greater Chicagoland Area. As a self-proclaimed acai fanatic, I made it my mission to find the best acai bowl near The University of Chicago’s campus to satisfy my obsession. For every early-morning, mid-afternoon, or late-night acai craving (because let’s face it, acai is best enjoyed at any time of the day), here are the five best acai bowls for every acai lover.

5. Bonne Santé

You’re stressing for a midterm and don’t have time to go downtown but NEED an acai bowl. Head to Bonne Sante for the only acai in Hyde Park. Located on 53rdstreet, this health foods store, complete with a smoothie and juice bar, offers a build-your-own acai bowl. Although the acai isn’t quite thick enough for my liking, and the $9 bowl only includes three toppings (including granola), Bonne Sante is a great choice for emergencies.

4. FruVe' Express

Next up is FruVe' Xpress for its plethora of unique bowls. Located in South Loop, FruVe' provides the ultimate acai experience, complete with everything from spirulina and pitaya to bee pollen and cacao nibs. I rave about the Nutty Dragon: the peanut butter blended into a pitaya base creates a creamy/fresh contrast. As often as I go to FruVe' for its convenience, though, its consistency still fails the test. It’s “a little more liquidy than most acai bowls but delicious nonetheless.”

#SpoonTip: Be sure to present your student ID for 15% off at the register! It really makes a difference when the price is a steep $11 per bowl…

3. Real Good Stuff Co.

If you’re a real health foodie, you’re probably familiar with Real Good Stuff Co. While it’s definitely my favorite place to eat in Chicago for its thick avocado toast and decadent vegan frozen-yogurt (called noyo froyo), Real Good’s acai bowl only ranks as #3 on my list. My favorite of the three bowls on their menu is their most basic: the Michael Bowlton ($11.50). The base is a blend of acai, blueberries, banana, and almond milk, and the bowl is topped with seasonal fruit, granola, coconut flakes, and chia seeds. Real Good’s commitment to high-quality ingredients and ability to achieve the desired thickness and acai-to-topping ratio makes it one of the best bowls in Chicago.

2. JuiceRX

JuiceRX provides some of the most unique acai bowls in Chicago. I’ve tried three of their bowls and by far my favorite is The Harlequin Monkey. With melted peanut butter, raw chocolate hearts, and chocolate drizzle among the many toppings, this bowl won’t fail to satisfy a sweet tooth, and as a peanut butter and chocolate lover, this bowl immediately won my heart. It’s also one of the most aesthetically-pleasing bowls that I’ve encountered in my years of acai. Save JuiceRX for a day trip with friends, because at a 45-minute uber from Hyde Park, it’s neither close nor cheap. Expect to pay $12 for a 20oz acai bowl (completely worth it, in my opinion).

1. Graze Chicago

Meet the winningest acai bowl from Graze Chicago. Graze holds a special spot in my heart because it was the first acai bowl I tried in Chicago, but I didn’t let this bias play into its #1 ranking. Although Graze only offers four acai bowl variations, its tropical menu includes raspberry, mango, and papaya, and what sets Graze apart is its perfect consistency. Graze serves the thickest acai I’ve ever seen, and my acai has never even begun to melt at Graze. I’m a fan of the Acai Pt. 2: a classic acai base topped with almond butter, blackberry, raspberry, banana, mulberry, coconut, cacao nib, hemp seed, agave, and granola ($12.50 for a 16oz bowl). With two convenient locations in The Loop and River North, Graze is a must for anyone who loves acai.#SpoonTip: Order the 24oz tsunami-sized bowl for only $3.00 more and share it with a friend… or eat it all yourself, I won’t judge :)

Honorable mentions: Hi-vibe Juicery for their massive bowls and Left Coast Food + Juice – the seasonal Banzai Bowl was exceptional.

If you ever take a road trip to Northwestern, you can find a similar guide to the best juice bars in North shore here. And in the mean time, be sure to hit up any (or all) of these amazing juice bars for mouth-watering acai bowl that's sure to satisfy any acai craving.