When setting foot on Dutch land it's extremely easy to get distracted by the fresh cheese, the beer, the pancakes, and the infamous deep-fried delicacies. Although if I could describe the food scene in Amsterdam, it would be fresh, local, and sustainable.

You'll see that many places serve fresh ingredients provided by local farmers, or work with seasonal ingredients and as a result have changing menus every few months. So instead of recommending specific dishes, some places are just worth checking out to see what they've got in store for you. I assure you, it will be anything but dissatisfying. 

The most important thing for you to take away is the word for 'delicious'. Saying 'lekker' may be the one of the easiest Dutch words to master, and thankfully these 50 best places to eat in Amsterdam will provide you with ample opportunities to practice. 

1. Stroopwafels from the Albert Cuyp Market

Stroopwafels are two delicious thin pieces of waffle stuck together with a sticky caramel. They're best eaten with a warm drink on a freezing cold day. Numerous sources say the food truck at the Albert Cuyp sells some of the best ones, but any vendor that's willing to make them fresh on the spot for you will do. 

2. Coconut Sweets from Madame Cocos

These heavenly bites of coconut are normally found at seasonal food festivals in Amsterdam. Whenever I attend any festival, I make sure to not leave without getting me one of these. If you can't wait until the spring/summer time, you can find similar coconut sweets at STACH

3. Herring from Haringstal Ab Kromhout

The Dutch love to feast on herring that's been frozen and ripened with some salt for a couple days (so technically it's not raw) with some onions and pickles. Do not judge this until you've tried it, because not only does the fish taste amazing on its own, but the onions and pickles work beautifully together. Make sure you get yours from a fish stall by the street

4. Pizza from La Perla

Having their ingredients imported all the way from Italy shows why La Perla is known to be one of the best pizzerias in Amsterdam. 

5. Brunch at Bakers and Roasters

Bakers and Roasters is a classic brunch place. Their egg dishes are quite appetizing, but I highly recommend their pancake stack. If you have a hard time deciding between a sweet or savoury dish (because I'm sure you will), my best suggestion is to order an egg dish and share the stack. 

#SpoonTip: The best time to brunch here is during a weekday. You'll avoid long lines and be able to get in quickly at a later time.  

6. Ice cream from Monte Pelmo Ijs

Monte Pelmo has been around since 1957, but originally started as a snack bar and later developed into an ice cream parlour. After purchasing their first ice cream machine, these guys quickly became the best of the best. 

7. Homemade Vegan Food at MKZ 

MKZ offers three-course vegan meals for only five euros. The cooks are volunteers that are looking to raise money for a worthy cause or organization. Therefore, the cooks do not profit or use the money to help pay for the food, but rather to help whatever cause they're working for. 

8. Chocolates from Puccini Bomboni

They claim that every bite of their chocolates brings on an experience. Not only are they on point with this, but it's hard for me to forget Puccini Bomboni, as it was the first chocolate I tasted upon arriving in Amsterdam. 

9. Cheese from the Farmer's Market

As tempting as the cheese samples from the Dutch tourists shop may be, I assure you nothing tastes fresher than a sliced of aged cheese from a Dutch farmer himself. Find the markets sprawled across the city and check out their schedules here.

10. Apple Pie from a 'Bruin Cafe'

'Bruin Cafe' refers to a Brown Café, which most bars and pubs in Amsterdam are known as. The Winkel 43 may be one of the most renowned for their apple pie, but the more you ask around the more suggestions you'll receive for which cafe serves the best ones. Realistically, you can never go wrong with any of these

11. Burritos from Burrito Maker

Burrito making is an art, and the guys from Burrito Maker know that. Handcrafted to perfection, these guys don't mess around. 

12. Pho from Pho 91

I had a hard time finding a place that serves pho suitable for vegetarians or pescatarians until I came across Pho 91. Better yet, you can be sure this restaurant is conscious of the quality, freshness, and even nutritional value of their ingredients. Plus, a big bowl of noodle soup is the best remedy for the winter blues.  

13. The Classic Thriller and Truffle Fries from The Thrill Grill

The Thrill Grill originally started as a food truck until it decided to create two permanent locations in Amsterdam. The popular eatery grills their meat on charcoal and impress even more with their sides. To make your night complete, don't forget to top it off with one of their hand-crafted cocktails. 

14. Salad Bowls from SLA 

Never again underestimate the potential of a salad to both satisfy and fill you up. SLA is your go-to for when you need an energizing and nutritious pick-me-up, or have your health-conscious friends visiting the city. You might as well surprise your non-vegan friends and show them how salad bowls can be done right. 

15. Cheese Fondue from Café Bern 

Café Bern has a limited menu, and that's because they strive to serve only what they're most known for. Besides the cheese fondue, make sure to grab a bite of their steak or Yemete salad. 

16. Thai Food from Bird Snack Bar

Thai Food shouldn't always equate to a fine dining experience. Maybe you're starving from all that walking around the cobblestone streets and you just want to sit back and relax with some good food. Thai Bird is quick, easy, cheap, and oh-so satisfying. 

17. Hummus from De Hummus House  

In my honest opinion, it's quite hard to find bad hummus in Amsterdam. After feasting at De Hummus House, you'll want to check out Sir Hummus, Hummus Bistro, or even the Hummus from Ten Katermarkt, because that's where most locals claim to find the best take-away hummus. 

18. Poffertjes from the Boerenmarkt

Boerenmarkt is another name for a biological food market. A crowd favourite is by the Noordermarkt, where you can also find awesome cheese, bread, fresh produce, and homemade conserves. Just like with the stroopwafel, if you find someone to make poffertjes for you fresh on the spot, they're sure to be perfect. 

19. Bread and Pastries at Gebroeders Niemeijer

Go for the macarons, croissants, or the fresh baguettes, and don't forget to try the lemon and chocolate tartelette, my absolute favourite. Literally anything from Gebroeders Niemeijer is phenomenal, including their brunch and lunch served with the freshest baked bread.

20. Spaghetti from Spaghetteria

The past-a is 'bast-a at the Spaghetteri-a. The perfect place for a fancy wine-and-dine experience for friends and couples that doesn't hurt the wallet. 

21. Classic Bitterballen from Café de Tuin

Bitterballen is meat ragout fried in the shape of a ball. Best served with mustard sauce and some beer, it's not fancy, nor spectacular, but it's so classic that you shouldn't leave the Netherlands without having tasted at least one. Have your first cultural taste test at Café de Tuin

22. Special Bitterballen from De Ballenbar

If you feel adventurous enough, then you can opt for some more unconventional flavours of bitterballen such as these found at De Ballenbar. My main recommendation: the truffel ballen

23. Borrelhapjes from Boca's 

Boca's is perfect for your cheese and wine night cravings. They're well known for their cheese platters and borrelhapjes, otherwise known as borrel snacks. A borrel refers to a cozy night with friends drinking and accompanied by small food. Sources say they also have some of the best fries in the city. 

24. Dim Sum from Oriental City

Anything that's located in the dead centre of a city normally screams to me: tourist trap. Oriental City is one of the many exceptions I've encountered since both the tourists and locals rave about it. If you're looking for authentic dim sum grub, then this is the place to go. 

25. Open Faced Sandwiches from Greenwoods

In all seriousness, anything and everything from Greenwoods is the absolute best. It's one of my favourite lunch spots and I often go for the soup or salad combo with quiche. 

26. Stuffed Potatoes from Jacketz

It was hard for me to believe that such a place like Jacketz exists. But it does. And it's damn good. 

27. Ramen from Sapporo Ramen Sora

For some of us, ramen noodle soups are a college staple. But why not treat yourself once in a while and upgrade with some of the best Amsterdam has to offer, like the ramen served by Sapporo

28. Rijsttafel from Blauw 

It may be Indonesian, but the Rijsttafel is quite typical for the Dutch locals. Blauw is easily known to have some of the best in town, so you're not going to want to miss out. 

29. Falafel Broodje from Maoz 

Who says vegans and vegetarians can't indulge for cheap? Maoz offers falafel sandwiches for only 4.95 with a free salad bar. That's right, unlimited toppings my friends. 

30. Fries from Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx 

A Belgian delicacy, frites can be enjoyed across boarders and the Vlaams Friteshaus is considered one of the top. What's unique to the Dutch fries is the patat oorlog, consisting of Indonesian saté sauce, mayo, and raw onions. 

31. Tacos from the Salsa Shop 

The Salsa Shop is yet another winning burrito place in Amsterdam, but I must give praise to their tacos. Mexican food may not be abundant in Amsterdam, but at least the city knows quality over quantity. 

32. Traditional Ethiopian Food from Abyssinia Afrikaans Eetcafé

If you're going for traditional Ethiopian food, you might as well choose the place that's been around here the longest. Actually, Abyssinia was the first of its kind in Amsterdam, so you know it will be appetizing.

33. Dutch Pancakes from Pannenkoekenhuis Upstairs

Besides being the smallest restaurant in Europe, Pannenkoeken Upstairs promises you authentic Dutch Pancakes in an authentic-looking Dutch eatery. 

34. Bao Buns from Popup: Bao Buns Amsterdam

Bao Buns Amsterdam is a pop-up concept that serves delicious steamed buns, suitable for meat, fish, and veggie-lovers. They host events at different cafés and restaurants sprawled across the city, so give them a follow if you want to know when and where you can feast on 'dem buns. 

35. Fried Wild Mushrooms and Egg on Toast from Noordermarkt

It may be a simple snack that you can probably whip up in minutes, but the wild mushrooms really makes this cheap eat unique. Also, it is the perfect hangover cure on a Saturday morning

36. Temaki Sushi from Meneer Temaki

I've been hooked on these Meneer Temaki's hand rolls ever since I had my first one at the Culy Food Festival. They appear at other ones as well, and can be found year-round at De Foodhallen. They offer other Japanese appetizers and now supposedly serve poké bowls too.

37. Kibbelling from Rob Wigboldus Vishandel

Just how the English have their fish and chips, the Dutch have their kibbeling. Seriously, try this fried piece of goodness from a fishmonger when you're here. 

38. Sichuan Cuisine from Mandarijn

Looking for a place that does Chinese cuisine right but doesn't compromise on spice?  Mandarijn is the answer to your calling. 

39. A 3-Course Menu from Wilde Zwijnen

Wilde Zijnen is a true hidden gem found in the eastern part of the city. They work with seasonal ingredients, so their menu isn't always consistent, but you can be certain of a stellar meal.  

40. Lunch from Ron Gastro Bar 

You know when you come across those places where you literally want everything on the menu and the pressure of ordering on the spot increases your heart rate by the second? Ron Gastro Bar is one of them. 

41. Italian Food from Toscanini 

No pizza to be found on this menu. Only authentic tastes of Italy through their Antipasti, Primi, and Secondi. Toscanini has been consistently recognized as the best overall Italian restaurant in Amsterdam. 

41. 'A Chapter' from Guts & Glory

This place takes the saying 'no guts, no glory' very literally. Every six months they offer a new menu, otherwise known as 'chapters,' and then offer a three or four-course meal around the chapter theme. Previous examples range from pork, fish, vegetables, Italy, and Latin America, and the most current one here

43. Fish from Café-Restaurant Stork

From the herring to the kibbeling, it's time to also see what the fine fish dining is like in Amsterdam. Stork is located in a special place in the North of Amsterdam, which is also unique enough on its own. Your best bet is to always go with the fish that's in season, and there's no better place than Stork to offer it to you. 

44. Chinese food at Nam Kee

Another one of Amsterdam's longest running Chinese restaurants, Nam Kee is also well known for their steamed oysters in black bean sauce, which are delicious enough on their own, but this may have also been partly due to the film Oysters van Nam Kee. 

45. Restaurant Gebr. Hartering

Two brothers. One concept. Hearty food that doesn't need to be pretentious and can be enjoyed with some fine wine. That is Gebr. Hartering

46. Steak from CAU

The Argentinian Steak Houses are quite abundant throughout the centre of Amsterdam, so you're going to need some trusty advice on where to go. Not only is CAU known for their steak, but some even claim they serve a mean brunch too. 

47. Wine & Dine from CHOUX

Who knew you could take something as simple as blue cheese and plate it in such an intricate manner? Choux is one of Amsterdam's greatest and can be found booked solid every single night. If you're feeling discouraged, have a go for a fancy lunch and make sure to pair it with one of their specialty wines.

48. Okonomiyaki from Japanese Pancake World

Okonomiyaki is actually the term for a savoury Japanese Pancake with various toppings like corn, beef, or prawn. You can have it in three different styles and the ones cooked by Japanese Pancake World are, literally, out of this world. 

49. Cakes from Pattiserie Holtkamp

You may be surprised to hear that Patisserie Holtkamp also sells croquettes, another fried Dutch delicacy, very similar to the bitterballen. That may be one of the reasons why locals love this place so much, other than their infamous cakes.  

50. Turkish Pizza from Hicret Bakerrij

Once again, Turkish pizzas are one of those foods that can be found all over the city. Each neighbourhood has got their own special spot, and the Hicret Bakery happens to be one of the favourites of Amsterdam East. This is also the 'hood that is home to the Spoon University AUC chapter

I expected that after three years of studying in Amsterdam, I'd acquire enough knowledge to somewhat pass for a local. I feel like I've got the food scene around our chapter's campus pretty covered, but when it comes to the neighbourhoods a little further out, I realize there's still so much more to try.