Gelato alert! Amorino Gelato just opened in Boston and I knew I had to check it out immediately. What made me want to go to Amorino in the first place was after I saw a picture on Instagram of colorful gelato scooped onto a cone resembling rose petals. Little did I know, this is actually the typical style of serving Gelato in most European countries.

April 21 (2)

Photo By Grace Stauffer

This gelato cafe originated in Italy and recently made its way to the US. There are only seven shops located across the United States but luckily for us one just opened on Boston’s own Newbury Street.

The lines for this place are usually out the door, but my friend and I went on a Tuesday afternoon in order to beat the crowd. I wanted my gelato and I wanted it now.

April 21 (5)

Photo By Grace Stauffer

I wasn’t expecting the cafe to have so many different options. They not only had 25 different flavors to choose from but they also had different types of pastries and desserts such as waffles, macaroons, focaccina and crepes.

April 21 (8)

Photo By Grace Stauffer

After tasting about 4 different flavors I finally decided on coconut, banana, raspberry and mango gelatos (you can get as many flavors as you want as long as they fit in the cone).

April 21 (26)

Photo By Grace Stauffer

My friend opted to go the macaron route, getting chocolate-hazelnut and coffee flavored ones, which were both absolutely delicious.

April 21 (18)

Photo By Grace Stauffer

This place is a must, make sure to find out the location nearest to you and get there ASAP.

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