Amorino is an Italian gelato shop founded by two best friends in 2002. The shop originated in Europe, but has a few locations in the US. If you live in Boston, NYC, Chicago, or LA (plus a handful of other cities), good news for you: you don't have to travel far for authentic, delicious gelato.

The gelato is beautifully shaped into roses. You are able to choose multiple flavors, and thus the colors for your "petals." The gelato flavors range from chocolate to pistachio to passion fruit. So choose the flavors, and colors, that will look best together, and get creative. If a rose for your sweet treat isn't enough, choose a macaron to top off the look!

In Boston, the shop is located on Newbury street, which is a hip area for dining and shopping. It makes for the perfect place to enjoy the sweet and tasteful elegance of this gelato. This place is a must for all ice cream connoisseurs and those looking to find new, innovative, and quirky food.

Perfect for a photo-op, it's no wonder this place is featured all over Instagram.

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Mystikal Scalzi

However, if you are looking for portions over aesthetics, opt for a cup rather than a cone. The portions run pretty small, so a cup will get you much more gelato for the price. 

If you are looking for a pop of vibrant color for your sweet tooth, this place should definitely be on your radar. After all, where else can you find rose-shaped gelato?