Alton Brown–a modern food god, if you will. I’d like to tip my hat to the charming Alton and Good Eats for instilling in me a Food Network obsession that still exists today. Although California born, Alton spent most of his life growing up in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

As an 18-year veteran in the food industry, it comes as no surprise that Alton has some pretty strong opinions about the best restaurants from his hometown. Here are five of his top picks:

The Butcher The Baker

Located just outside of Atlanta in Marietta, Alton considers this Southwestern-style restaurant a hidden gem. "I almost hate telling you about it, because now I'm not going to be able to get in," Alton said in an interview with Bon Appétit.

Hop's Chicken

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You can't visit the south and skip fried chicken! Alton swears this quaint, laid back spot is the best Atlanta has to offer. Their menu consists of just the basics: fried chicken, chicken sandwiches, and homemade biscuits. Although a limited selection, Alton says the chicken speaks for itself. 


Date night? Look no further than this romantic restaurant on the banks of the Chattahoochee River. New American-style food is accompanied perfectly by beautiful river and garden views. Alton told Eater Atlanta that this is his favorite spot for a romantic night out.

Sublime Donuts

Got a killer sweet tooth? Sublime donuts has your fix. Alton recommends the PB&J and the strawberry-cream filled. His review of Sublime is pretty straightforward: "they're pretty freaking terrific." 

The Red Eyed Mule

A burger from The Red Eyed Mule is sure to leave a lasting impact on you–and your gut. Alton told Atlanta Eats that this is the #1 place in Atlanta to go for a gut bomb, "you need a shower after that." 

So next time you're in Atlanta and wondering where to eat, take Alton Brown's word's of wisdom with you.