Stuck on campus for the holidays? Celebrating with your friends? Don’t worry, we've got you covered. The founding members of Spoon BMC have compiled a list of some of the best alternative holiday meals on the Main Line and in Philly just for you, so you can celebrate any time, any day. So sit back, relax, and pull out your eatin’ pants. When you love food like we love food, every day is Thanksgiving.

The Main Line

Alternative Thanksgiving Meal: Breakfast - Turning Point

By far the best thing to happen to Bryn Mawr since that one time Anne Hathaway came to campus, Turning Point is the weekend brunch spot. Celebrate a Thanksgiving Day breakfast with refillable coffee, sweet teas, and their extensive brunch menu, featuring cornbread french toast (you heard me), lemon blueberry dream pancakes, and a drool-inducing selection of egg dishes from their popeye skillet to huevos rancheros. If you’re about that healthy life, try an egg-white omelette or a pesto skillet.

Pro Tip: Get there before 11, it tends to fill up fast (and with good reason).

Arianna Bernas

Alternative Thanksgiving Meal: Reliable Indian Comfort - Tiffin/Ekta

When all else fails, we still have these gems. Despite the ongoing debate as to which one is better, both restaurants offer delicious, dynamic Indian food that’s not too far and perfect for family-style sharing with your friends. It proved pretty impossible for us to select a few favorites to put down here—everything we’ve tried thus far has been pretty good to say the least.

Pro Tip: Tiffin offers meal packages that are perfect for sharing!

On the Town

Alternative Thanksgiving Meal: Bite Sized Bliss - Cheu Noodle Bar

Cheu Noodle Bar and its sister restaurant Cheu Fishtown boast an eclectic menu of Asian fusion favorites against a cool, colorful backdrop of graffiti art. Though you can stop by anytime for such delectable main dishes as brisket ramen and coconut curry noodles, save the cash and stop by at their happy hour, when all their dishes are $5 each and equally as delicious. The samosa rangoons and black garlic wings are some of our favorites.

Arianna Bernas

Alternative Thanksgiving Meal: Ramen Night - Yamitsuki

Yamitsuki really has got it all, granted you get there before they sell out of their pillowy pork buns (#sad). A one stop shop for ramen, bubble tea, and sushi, Yamitsuki will satisfy everyone’s cravings. Its cool, cafeteria-esque vibes will take you back to school in a good way, and it’s just a hop, skip and a jump away from Chinatown, where you can stop for dessert. Too cold out to walk? Share a slice of their matcha cake in place of pumpkin pie.

Pro Tip: The giant Ironman statue at the front makes for a great photo op.

Alternative Thanksgiving Meal: Sweet Treats - Little Lion

Speaking of pie, Little Lion offers an amazing dessert selection that’s just as luxurious as an ooey-gooey slice of pecan pie. Try their espresso creme brûlée and/or their bread pudding. Pair it with one of their specialty lattes (may we recommend the maple butter ‘hoecake’ latte), and you’ve got an indulgent sweet ending to the day. 

Arianna Bernas