Everyone has that one secret favorite day of the year. The unofficial holiday where the world is expected to revolve around you—your birthday! What’s better than the taste of your favorite foods on your birthday? The taste of getting them for free. From breakfast to dessert, the restaurants around UC Berkeley's campus are here to celebrate your birthday with you! Here is your ultimate guide to scoring free birthday treats on your birthday this year. 

Peet’s Coffee

Jasmine Luong

Start your birthday off right with 25 free points to use towards any item at Peet’s Coffee. As long as you sign up for Peet’s rewards at least one week prior to your birthday and have made a purchase within the past 6 months, a free coffee is yours on your special day. 

Jamba Juice

Razzmatazz, Mango-a-go-go, Orange Dream Machine—what do these fruity, perfectly-blended beverages have in common? In addition to the rest of the smoothies on their menu, any one of these drinks is free through Jamba Juice’s rewards program. As long as you’ve acquired 15 points while having the app, Jamba Juice will treat you to a free smoothie on your birthday.

Blondie's Pizza

Around Berkeley, you can’t go one block without running into a pizza place. With so many options it can be stressful to decide which restaurant you are in the mood for. Should you get thin crust or thick crust? Do you go to the place with extra cheesy slices or amazing red sauce? On your birthday the choice is simple: Blondie's. With proof of a valid ID, Blondie's on Telegraph will treat you to a free slice of your choosing.

Taco Bell

You deserve only the best on your birthday—something Taco Bell clearly takes to heart in its birthday special. Taco Bell offers customers its iconic Mountain Dew Baja Blast freeze (regular-sized) for free on their birthday! In case you can't make it into Taco Bell the day of your birthday, this reward is available for up to 31 days after—just make sure to sign up for their rewards program ahead of time. 


Jasmine Luong

Located less than 50 feet from campus, Chipotle is probably a staple in the typical UC Berkeley student's diet. This year, make sure to stop by on your way to campus and take advantage of their special birthday deal through its rewards program. On orders over five dollars, Chipotle will treat you to a free bag of chips and guacamole.

Milkbomb Ice Cream

Still hungry? Milkbomb offers a free scoop of ice cream for customers on their birthday! Those crazy Milkbomb flavors like “Stinks So Good (Durian Fruit),” “Biscoff Cookie Butter,” and “Hershey’s Pie” will send you to flavor heaven with a free ticket—the perfect way to end your special day.

Blaze Pizza

So, your birthday is over, but there's still free food to seize six months from now! Through Blaze Pizza’s rewards program, you can receive a free sweet on your half birthday. If you're unfamiliar with Blaze's dessert options,  its S'mores Pie is particularly yummy.

Evidently, Thanksgiving isn't the only time of year that can send you into a food coma. The restaurants around Cal offer a variety of birthday deals to make your next birthday at school extra special. If you know where to go, you can go to sleep with your stomach full of all your favorite foods alongside the sweet knowledge that  everything was free.