Birthdays are something to look forward to every year whether or not you want to face the fact of growing older. On a positive note though, if you don't want to look forward to growing older, you can look forward to free food.

So many places are starting to offer their customers free food on their special day. If you are lucky enough to find the right places, they will allow you to redeem your free food even days after your birthday.

I have compiled a list of restaurants around Ohio University that offer free food for customers on their birthday. If you look at this list and say "wow, she forgot a place," I'm sorry and I will try to have a better list once your birthday rolls around again. *wink* Read the list below to find places to get free food on your birthday!

1. Buffalo Wild Wings

chicken, sauce, chicken wings, meat, pork, barbecue
Alessia Barcelo

If you have never had Buffalo Wild Wings before ... first, you need to drop what you are doing and go. This restaurant is the perfect spot for everything sports and food. You are surrounded by TVs broadcasting football games, soccer games, basketball games... literally any sport you can think of

Birthday Freebie: Free snack size order of wings (or a free dessert!)

2. Dairy Queen

The famous ice cream shop where if they do not turn your blizzard upside down, you get one for free! No matter what season your birthday is in, make sure you head to Dairy Queen to get a sugary pick me up.

Birthday Freebie: Free blizzard with a purchase of another blizzard

3. Qdoba

cheese, queso, Qdoba, chips and queso
Sarah Koepsell

What's better than just any old queso? Queso from Qdoba. This Mexican fast food chain has so many menu options from soups to taco salads. Best thing about Qdoba? They have a rewards program where you can get freebies even when it's not your birthday. 

Birthday Freebie: Free burrito

4. Sonic

tomato, soup
Erin Davis

Depending on your location, you won't even have to leave your car to order Sonic. Home to the world's best corndogs and shakes, there's a treat here for everyone. Besides your birthday freebie, they have discounts all throughout the week too!

Birthday Freebie: Free birthday dessert (as long as you have a MySonic account)

5. Subway

cheese, chicken, sandwich, subway, sub, six inch, foot long
Sam Jesner

Want to eat fresh food from a restaurant all about sustainability? Subway has got you covered. With over 15 kinds of subs and limitless combinations, Subway has great options for sandwiches, salads, and even wraps.

Birthday Freebie: Free 6" sub and drink (must be signed up for the Eat Fresh Club)

6. Texas Roadhouse

You don't have to be from Texas to enjoy a nice southern meal. Texas Roadhouse has all the cookout classics like steak, ribs, fried catfish and much more. A bonus is each table is equipped with a bucket of peanuts and fresh, warm rolls.

Birthday Freebie: Free appetizer

7. Starbucks

coffee, milk, tea, beer
Sarah Yanofsky

Surely if you are having a big birthday celebration you need to be awake and energized for it! Starbucks is known for their coffee but they delicious drinks like refreshers, teas, and Frappuccinos. 

Birthday Freebie: Free drink (must be signed up for Starbucks Rewards)

8. Pita Pit

The best way I can describe Pita Pit is that it's basically like Subway, but with pitas. There are an extensive amount of ingredients available that you can stuff inside a pita or even put in a bowl to create your perfect meal.

Birthday Freebie: Free fountain drink

Are you counting down the days to your birthday yet? I sure am (and mine was last month.) Like I mentioned in the beginning, there may be restaurants that serve birthday freebies that aren't on the list. Nonetheless, I hope everyone enjoys their foodie fantasies because places to get free food on your birthday are plentiful!