The Oreo is undoubtedly the coolest chocolate sandwich cookie that you could get at an affordable price. Oreos make people go crazy. Let’s look at the top (pretty subjective here), best and cheapest Oreo things to have in and around GNLU, Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad. When I say cheapest you got to factor in the Uber/travel costs too.

1. Oreo cookies

Let’s start with the basic. Oreo cookies are always a cheap pleasure. Packets of various sizes and all you need to do is rip it off to find the soft white crème filling sandwiched between two chocolate cookies.

There are also creative ways to eat them: bite them all together, both the cookie and the cream, or open up the cookies and lick that cream off satisfyingly, or dip it in cold milk to get the punch of both the softness and crispiness. Or come up with some new method and let us know too. It’s entirely up to your creativity, and that’s the best part of this cookie. And to top it up, it’s available everywhere. You just need a few coins for the cookie to brighten up your day.

2. Oreo Shake of GNLU

The Oreo shake that’s available in the GNLU Mess is pretty awesome. Being a top favourite of a majority of students, the Oreo packets literally vanish away and you might just end up not getting the shake if you ask during the later part of the day. For a generous amount for a student-friendly cost of just thirty rupees, this Oreo shake ground to a smooth texture topped with pieces of Oreo biscuit and chocolate is a pleasure to the inner soul.

3. Oreo Mocha Frappe of McDonalds

For all the coffee lovers out there, and all those who go high on hearing the word caffeine, here’s your ultimate drink- the Oreo Mocha Frappe. This is an amazingly refreshing sweet treat made from mocha, a hint of coffee and Oreo cookie pieces. Blended with ice cream then hand topped with whipped cream and a few more choco nuts, this is the ultimate combo for all caffeine lovers. This too is served in a generous amount and has the potential to change any day into one full of laughter and grins.

4. Oreo chocolate cake of Dangee Dums

We all have that one friend who is crazy about Oreos. Everybody is, but some just get ecstatic about it. Dangee Dums especially has for them an unforgettable oreo chocolate cake. The oreo icing will undeniably be the best thing you can do for them on their special day. Dangee Dums also has small and mid-sized oreo cupcakes, which are also ecstatic cheap treats.

5. Super Oreo of Turquoise Villa

Binging on a Super Oreo shake while working your way through the appetizing menu of this fancy restaurant in Ahmedabad can set the perfect mood for a dinner date or even just chilling with friends. It is a must-try fancy drink for all Oreo lovers in a subtly posh ambience.

Stay tuned for the next five best Oreo things in All Things Oreo: Part 2 coming out soon! Have a pleasurable day, as sweet and lovely as Oreo!