Your class is finally over, your stomach has been rumbling for quite some time now and you think: what's there to eat at UBC? Not pizza, again. That stale slice is one of regret. Would Rain or Shine count as lunch? Debatable. Should you try something new – would pizza shaped like a square taste any different?

Luckily, your Spoon University writers at UBC made a list of some of the best food on campus. These suggestions are subjective, but I guarantee you won’t regret eating any of these things. (No, square pizza is not much different from a triangular slice).

1) JamJar

Deep-fried cauliflower. Creamy hummus made from scratch. Tender Chicken. Crunchy pickles. And you can get it all in a pita wrap that will fill you up for the whole day. My go-to is half chicken and half cauliflower. If you're craving falafels they're made fresh on order too.

2) School of Fish

The Fish and Chips are the most popular, but I recommend their Salmon with crab butter. The risotto on the side is delicious. The only con is that it's only open for lunch on weekdays – but they take meal plan. Who knew food trucks had some of the fanciest food to eat at UBC?

3) Donair Town

Angelica Tso

This hidden gem is tucked away in the food court in the basement of UVillage. But you have to be really careful about what you order: the shawarma platter is the best (chicken or falafel). It has these crispy, garlic potatoes that are a must try. Another pro: it's cheap – 8 bucks for two meals' worth!

4) Miyamae Sushi

Angelica Tso

Definitely better than any other sushi or stale rolls on campus. This place is also located in the UVillage basement and the rolls and salmon sashimi are very fresh.

5) Perugia 

I recommend the winter Farro salad which has squash, walnuts, rocket and a tangy maple dressing – one of the best salads on campus. The melted mozzarella in the Caprese sandwich is also perfect, and I've heard only good things about the mushroom flatbread. Meal plan is accepted here too.

6) Hero Coffee+Mart 

Angelica Tso

One word: cartems! That's right, you can get your earl grey – regular and vegan – donut fix in the Orchard Commons cafeteria. Their salted caramel brownie fudge cookie even has a special place in my heart. (Loafe cafe beside the nest also carries cartems but they run out very fast)

7) Rain or Shine Ice-cream

Angelica Tso

Does this one need an explanation? 

8) Nori

If you like thick, chewy noodles, this is the place for you. I loved the Laksa with its coconut-y broth – it's soul food for a rainy day. The rice bowls are very average though, so stick to anything with Udon.

9) I Wanna Taco

Angelica Tso

I'm not crazy about their meat or veggie options, but the crispy fish taco? For three bucks? Yes please! Does the new and swanky Tacomio in Central outshine it? I don't know, but for now you can find this one in the basement of the Nest.

10) Sage

This fancy, expensive restaurant is only open for lunch on weekdays and it's in front of the MOA. But why should you break your wallet to go here? It takes meal plan. That, and the food is to die for.

11) Mercante

Okay, I know I gave pizza a bad name. But this is authentic, thin crust pizza. Finger-licking good tiramisu. You can't go wrong with Mercante. (I heard that Virtuous Pie is opening in Wesbrook Village pretty soon too)

Add these foods to your list of things to eat on campus which are worth every penny, and most importantly, bring zero regrets.