Dining halls at Washington State University

It can be a scary thought to move to the campus, leaving the comfort of your parent's house. I get it, you'll miss the home cooked meals and the convenient snacks placed neatly in the cupboard. You arrive at WSU and wonder, what am I gonna eat now?  Maybe I should go to the dining hall that is the closest to me, but what if I don't like the options they have? Not to fear, I am here to answer your all your dietary needs. Here is the ranking of all the dining halls at Washington State University from worst to the best.   

What's available?

Washington State University provides three main dining halls that students can access using their meal plan, known as RDA.  These three dining halls are Southside, Hillside, and Northside Cafe all residing near their respective locations on campus.  Residence halls on the south side of the campus (Stimson, Gannon-Goldsworthy, Olympia, McEachern, Rogers, Orton, Stephenson Complex, Waller) often go to Southside Cafe. For residents of Wilmer/Davis, Stevens, McCroskey, Honors, and Community Duncan Dunn, Hillside is their main source of meals.  For the Northern Residence Halls (Northside, Global Scholars, Streit-Perham, Regents, Scott/Coman), they mainly use Northside dining hall. Each dining halls a little bit different, specializing in different things. Now, let's rank them in my personal opinion. 

1.  Northside 

Northside dining hall is personally the best one in my opinion.  Moderate in size, the choices and the variety they offer is the best. From presto-made-to-order pizza, delicious chef's choice meals that change every single day made to order Caesar salad, they have just about everything for everyone. Are you craving a delicious burger? Northside got you covered. The quality of what they serve is also incredibly fresh. The only perk for me is that this dining hall is so far from the rest (hence the reason I don't have a picture of this place).

2.  Hillside    

Hillside is the smallest dining hall of the three but has the most variety in terms of change in their daily menu. Their grain bowl system changes their choice in protein every single day, from Moroccan, Korean, and Hawaiian to name a few. Their New York styled Deli allows you to build delicious sandwiches from their wide choices of bases like caprese. They focus more with experimenting menus and prone to creating delicious options for you to choose from.       

Joshua Yi
Joshua Yi

3.  Southside 

This dining hall is the closest one to me, yet I rate it the lowest.  Southside really increased their quality in the 4 years I've been at WSU but it still favors convenience and simplicity over adventurous and flavor. It pretty much has the classics like burgers and chicken strips. Their on fire menu changes every day, but it's relatively boring compared to other dining halls. The flavors are mediocre and just not as exciting. However, they have the biggest dining hall on campus so if you need the space, this is the one to go to. I rank Southside last.   

Joshua Yi
Joshua Yi