Afternoon is a cozy, contemporary restaurant that serves to fill the stomachs of vegetarians, vegans, and meat lovers. Located north of the downtown area, Afternoon offers brunch and dinner to all who walk through its doors. I recently had the opportunity to have brunch there, and I must say that Afternoon lives up to its name.

Egg & Cheddar Sandwich

Kersha “Kay” Andre

While an egg and cheese sandwich is a common staple for brunch, Afternoon takes it to the next level.  The sandwich consists of two soft slices of either brioche or focaccia bread pictured above. In between these twin buns is a scrambled egg, sharp cheddar cheese, aioli, and pickled onions that are placed together. Customers can add bacon, sausage, or roasted peppers to the sandwich as well. The acidic taste from the pickled onions counteracts the aioli adding an acidic component. This also adds a crunchy dimension to the sandwich as a whole.

The Poached Eggs

Kersha “Kay” Andre

The poached eggs are served as the perfect topping for a bowl of roasted squash, cornbread, walnuts, sage, and a creamy hollandaise sauce distributed throughout. The sauce pairs well with the sweet cornbread and nutty squash. With poached eggs, one can anticipate that the flow of the yolk will complement the squash and cornbread melody. The combination of these ingredients brings together soft, crunchy, sweet, and savory elements that can brighten anyone's day.

Martinelli's Apple Juice, The Iced Chai Latte, & The Iced Lavender Black Tea

Kersha “Kay” Andre

The drink selection offered at Afternoon is diverse enough for those who prefer tea, coffee, or a nice glass of juice. Martinelli's apple juice is sold in addition to pre-packaged drinks. However, I am most impressed by the iced chai latte. The iced chai latte is semi-sweet and pairs well as a refresher with the poached eggs. If you are into lavender or tea, I recommend trying the iced lavender black tea. This tea unites lavender elements and black tea to concoct a cold, fresh tea that is neither too sweet or overpowered by the lavender taste.

Closing Thoughts

Afternoon did not fail to amaze me with their aesthetically pleasing plates and refreshing drinks.  While each dish was different, the two meals I tried excelled in consistently maintaining their creative and scrumptious elements. If you are out for brunch and looking for a sit down, Afternoon is the place to go.