It’s no secret that Scottsdale, Arizona is home to the beautiful mountains, streets lined with cacti, prickly pears, and sunsets that illuminate every moment effortlessly. Next time you find yourself on a quick weekend getaway to the "The Copper State", make sure to stop by these classic Scottsdale restaurants that capture the true essence of the city.

Breakfast: Wow Wow Lemonade

Elise Huff

If you are wanting to feel like you’re transported into an island paradise, just walk through the doors of Wow Wow Lemonade.

The store not only feels like you are just stepping off the beach, everywhere you look there is something reminding you of the ocean.

The first place to look when stepping into Wow Wow Lemonade is definitely their Hawaiian inspired menu. Whether you are interested in a fresh acai bowl, a smoothie, or their signature frozen lemonade/limeade, there is something for you.

Make sure to try to lavender blackberry lemonade or the tropical lava flow lemonade if you are just looking for a quick pick me up or a light breakfast.

Lunch: Postino

Elise Huff

Postino, or "Postman," in Italian, launched their first restaurant out of an old post office in Phoenix, Arizona. With another location in Kierland, I had to go give it a try. They pride themselves on creating an interesting and wholesome food experience.

From left to right on the closest board in the photograph: brie and apples with fig spread, fresh mozzarella with tomatoes and basil, smoked salmon with pesto, and warm artichoke spread.

My favorite would have to be the warm artichoke spread bruschetta because it was the perfect combination of flavors for a warm, Saturday lunch out with some friends.

Dinner: Zinc Bistro

Elise Huff

Zinc is an authentic Parisian style café in the heart of Kierland Commons. I have never had a negative experience at Zinc, nor have I ever turned down an opportunity to have their famous soufflés or their side of truffle fries.

To start off, the oysters are the perfect appetizer.

Next off, I had to get a main course of the crab crepes with lobster sweet cream. I think the name itself does this item justice.

I also ordered the shaved chicken salad with a side of Parmesan truffle fries. The salad is refreshing on a warm Scottsdale Spring day, and the truffle fries are — if I am being completely honest, the main reason I go to Zinc. These out-of-this-world fries are accompanied by three sauces - mayonnaise, ketchup, and their house sauce (which is absolutely indescribable — it is perfect with these fries).

I was feeling extra-healthy that day, so I decided not to conclude with any dessert. However, if you are a first-timer at Zinc, I highly recommend ending with their world-famous (if they aren’t world famous, then they should be by now) soufflés. Nothing screams authentic French bistro more than a decadent chocolate dessert to end a meal.

So, next time you find yourself in Scottsdale, make sure to maximize the dining possibilities in the area. There is definitely no shortage of amazing, unique restaurants all over the city. However, if you find yourself craving a tropical Hawaiian treat, a bruschetta lunch, or a French dinner, these are three amazing places to stop by to guide your next Arizona adventure.