Whether you're an avid traveler or someone looking for the best food in America, Myrtle Beach in South Carolina needs to be your next stop. With delicious food ranging from Japanese to Italian, there is something that everyone will enjoy in this beach town. Be sure to check out the six restaurants below, and prepare to be in a foodie wonderland.

Bummz Beach Cafe

With an outdoor patio and a tiki bar, Bummz is the ultimate beachgoer destination. Sitting on the smooth sand, Bummz has a wide menu offering over 10 seafood varieties, burgers and American favorites such as mozzarella sticks and onion rings. 

My go-to: Hamburger with Onion Straws (pictured above).

Hot Tomato

If you're looking for Italian fare, go no further than Hot Tomato. The perfect restaurant for a drink at lunch or a nice dinner, Hot Tomato offers gourmet pizzas, fresh seafood, delicious drinks and over 20 pasta dishes!

My go-to: Penne Ala Vodka pasta with a side of Bruschetta and a Blue Raspberry Daiquiri (pictured above). 

Soho Cafe & Bar

If sushi happens to be one of your go-to foods, then Soho is the place for you. With 117 varieties of sushi, the options are quite literally endless. However, the restaurant also offers non-seafood options and vegetarian options as well. Soho also has an eclectic nightlife scene, with a rooftop bar that is open until 1 in the morning!

My go-to: Because I don't like sushi, I opted for their Chicken Parmesan. However, shown above is their Sushi Boat, which includes over 10 varieties of sushi.

River City Cafe

With bright blue walls, colorful lights and eclectic decor, River City Cafe is practically the definition of a beach cafe. With unique burgers, such as the Hot Cheetos Burger and the PB&J Burger, this spot is the perfect destination for foodies. 

My go-to: The Fried Mac & Cheese Burger with World Famous Onion Rings (pictured above).

Pier 14 Restaurant & Lounge

Sitting on a stretch of the ocean, Pier 14 is the perfect dinner spot for a fresh catch and a piece of dessert. The seafood is served on the same-day it's caught, so it truly has a fresh taste. Be sure to check out the dessert menu, which offers delicious cheesecakes. 

My go-to: Because I'm not a fan of seafood, I opt for the fettucini alfredo. However, I hear the king crab (pictured above) is delicious!

Ben & Jerry's

An American classic, Ben & Jerry's is the ultimate ice cream pit-stop if you're exploring Broadway at the Beach. With delicious ice cream and sorbet, who can resist on a hot day in Myrtle Beach?

My go-to: Berry Berry Extraordinary Sorbet.

While this is only a few of the restaurants offered in Myrtle Beach, you'll definitely find yourself wanting to go back to the eateries more than once, and who could blame you? With food this delicious, it's hard not to want it all.