According to reports, over 20 tons of Nutella and chocolate eggs were stolen from a refrigerated trailer in the town of Neustadt in Germany.

The robbery took place some time between August 12th and August 13th and the Police is on a lookout for the thief. The authorities are asking people to report anyone who is "offering large quantities of chocolate via unconventional channels."

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Parsa Lotfi

The stolen Nutella and other chocolate candies has been valued at around $82,000. It is speculated that due to its high demand and pricing, there can be a Black Market for this World's Most Favourite Chocolate Spread. As food prices rise, it seems inevitable that large-scale food theft is going to become more of a problem.

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Russell Escalada

Irrespective of the intentions, one thing is for sure, someone's chocolate cravings have gotten way out of hand. 

This however has also proved one point, i.e, Nutella jars aren't safe anywhere.