Korean Barbeque. It's a Southern California staple and with restaurants ranging from all you can eat and cheap to pay-by-platter and expensive, it's hard to know where to get the best bang for your buck. Based on my experience wolfing down  KBBQ, as well as some input from some KBBQ lovers, I've compiled a student-friendly list of all-you-can-eat restaurants to check out next time you're craving Korean BBQ.

Bud Namu

Starting with the cheapest option we have Bud Namu. Located in the middle of Koreatown, Bud Namu is a favorite among college students for its low all you can eat price of $11.99 at lunch and $13.99 at dinner. If you're looking for some basic KBBQ with good quality brisket, bulgogi, pork belly and chicken, this is the place. Your meal includes a lot of sides like kimchi, soy bean sprouts, salad and more, as well as a decent selection of meats. Overall, the service is pretty good, the grills are changed frequently and it's a good experience if you're looking for some cheap AYCE Korean BBQ. They also have valet parking for $2, which is nice considering the lack of parking in the neighborhood. However it's so popular that there is almost always a line at peak times, so be prepared to wait.

Bulgogi Hut

Next up there's Bulgogi Hut, also in Koreatown. Another student favorite due to its price tag of $9.99 for weekday lunches and $15.99 for all other times. Similar to Bud Namu, they give you all the sides you could imagine with KBBQ, including corn cheese. Your meal includes all the basic meat options, like bulgogi, brisket, chicken and their garlic pork belly (a must try). One downside, though, is steamed egg is not included in the AYCE price and must be bought a la carte, unlike Bud Namu or most other KBBQ places. The ambiance is a little more fun, as they have Korean Pop music videos playing on the TVs throughout the restaurant, livening up the experience. Overall, Bulgogi Hut is another good and cheap option that's pretty similar to Bud Namu and will leave you full and satisfied. 

Galbi King

The next one is Galbi King, the only option west of the 405. Located in Sawtelle, it's one of the few cheap AYCE Korean BBQ places in the area. Priced at $16.95, it's AYCE menu consists once again of the basics, with steamed eggs and other sides included in the fare. The meat compared to the previous two options is a little lower quality, but if you're like me and go to eat copious amounts of barbecue rather than the highest quality meat available, this place will work just fine. It's a little smaller and smokier than the previous options, but I enjoyed the ambiance and with such a great location, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a quick bite.

Road to Seoul

Moving back to Koreatown, the next option is Road to Seoul. The basic menu is priced at $17.99, but this is where you start seeing the change in meat quality for what you're paying. You're provided with the basic sides like salad, kimchi, rice as well as steamed egg. However, the brisket, bulgogi and pork belly have a better flavor to them, hence the slightly higher price tag. This is also where you start to see more adventurous items on the menu like octopus and beef tongue. The ambiance is also a plus with upbeat music and a lively atmosphere making for a fun evening that's perfect for celebrations. They also have valet parking for $2, which I would recommend since parking in the neighborhood is limited. So, if you're looking for a slightly larger menu with meat that's higher quality than previous options, this is a great option.  


Stepping up from the other options we have Hanjip in Culver City. A mid-scale Korean BBQ restaurant, the base fare for AYCE is $24.99 per person. Now this is steeper than the other options, but if you're looking to splurge and get your moneys worth, this is the place. The basics are still available, but the flavor and marbling on the cuts is a step above the previous mentioned options. Hanjip also has various pork options as well as calamari, which are items not normally available in cheaper AYCE places. They also have some interesting sides, like bone marrow corn cheese and uni steamed egg, that add to the experience and are worth a try if you go here. Fun fact, Hanjip is so good they were brought to Coachella where they served bibimbap bowls and sandwiches. The overall higher quality and nicer atmosphere makes this a good option for a nice event or maybe even a date.

Oo-Kook-Korean BBQ

The last option we have is called Oo-Kook-Korean BBQ in, you guessed it, Koreatown. Running you $24.99 for lunch and $28.99 for dinner it's the priciest AYCE place on the list, but you're trading a couple more bucks for the best quality meat of the places on this list. If finding the widest and best variety of meat is your mission, Oo-Kook is the place for you. With meats like short-rib brisket, chicken, shrimp, pork belly and more, you're bound to find an option you'll love. They give you hefty portions for all the sides and with it being AYCE, you won't go home hungry. It also has a two story set up, making it more spacious, less smoky and an overall great vibe. They have valet parking for $2.50, making it easy for you to drive up and start eating rather than spending forever trying to find parking. If you're looking to really splurge on some high quality Korean BBQ with some good service and chill atmosphere, this is the place for you.

There you have it folks, a short guide to where you can find cheap, all you can eat Korean BBQ in Koreatown and West LA. All of them include what you want from a KBBQ place, meat, sides and more meat, so you can't really go wrong wherever you choose. Happy cooking!