The name says it all; New Haven is definitely going crazy for Donut Crazy donuts. If you are one of the lucky tailgaters or SOADS-goers who has stumbled upon their free donuts, I bet you agree they are out of this world.

While Donut Crazy is already the talk of the town, you'll have to wait until the grand opening of their donut shop-study spot hybrid in November to get your daily fix of their sweet treats. Fortunately, Spoon Yale was able to sample their delectable desserts before the opening so you know exactly what you're getting/biting into.

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Drew Glaeser

We sampled 12 of the over 50 flavors Donut Crazy has to offer, ranging from the classics like glazed and frosted, to more outrageous flavors like cookie dough and maple bacon. Although some of the flavors we sampled were strictly traditional, they still sent our taste buds soaring.

The Rankings

12. Glazed Old Fashioned

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Sara Tane

Although I'm a sucker for a moist and buttery glazed donut, frankly, glazed is boring and Donut Crazy's Glazed Donut was just another round dessert.

11. Vanilla Frosted Sprinkle

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Nicole Laszlo

The frosted sprinkle is another delicious everyday donut. If you want a frosted donut with a little more hype, opt for the Double Decker Birthday Cake instead (#2).

10. Cinnamon

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Although the cinnamon coating had us feeling a sugar high, we weren't too enthused by the consistency of the donut itself. Compared to The Crumby (#7), the cinnamon donut was denser and drier.

9. Apple Pie

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Finally, fall gets transformed into donut form: apple filling, walnuts, a dollop of whipped crème and drizzled with dulce de leche. If you're partial to a good apple pie, this will be your go-to seasonal flavor.

8. Red Velvet

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Although this cake donut was pretty good, the red velvet flavor wasn't as noticeable as it should have been. Cream-cheese frosting would have definitely sent it to the top of the list, but without it, Red Velvet clocks in at #08.

7. The Crumby

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The crumby is a Donut Crazy original Glazed Cake Donut rolled in fresh donut crumble. The crumb topping was the perfect ratio of cinnamon to brown sugar and had us asking for another. 

6. Boston Crème

Boston Creme donuts set the hardcore donut shops apart from the mediocre ones. Filled with sweet Bavarian crème and topped with chocolate icing, Donut Crazy's attempt is a great success.

5. Mambo Italiano

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A little bit of cannoli in my life. A little bit of chocolate by my side. A little bit of powder sugar makes me your girl. Buy me one of these cannoli donuts and I will mambo for you all day long.

4. Maple Bacon

Drew Glaeser

This donut was polarizing: our Spoon team members either loved it or hated it, just like the Maple Bacon cupcake we reviewed.

3. Crème Brulee

When we sampled this donut, we weren’t 100% sure whether the filling was caramel or another sweet cream, but that didn't stop us from fighting over every last crumb. The subtle caramel filling was an amazing complement to the perfect donut base.

2. Double Decker Birthday Cake

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Drew Glaeser

Two is always better than one, especially when it comes to donuts. The Double Decker is two vanilla donuts held together and coated by delicious buttercream frosting and sprinkles like the birthday cake of your dreams.

1. Dough Boy

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Oh. My. God. This regular vanilla yeast donut is filled with cookie dough, dipped in milk chocolate, and topped with powdered sugar and MORE COOKIE DOUGH. The Dough Boy donut was the unanimous winner in our eyes.

Most importantly of all, every donut was demolished within 15 minutes—a sign that Donut Crazy has already won our hearts and is sure to win yours when it opens in November.