After just a month of transitioning back to eating on campus, chances are you've already started to get tired of the same boring routine at D-hall. If you're like me, you need to mix up your on-campus eating options in order to at least make it to the weekend where you have more time to explore the off-campus food scene. 

So in case you're living under a rock and weren't already aware of the fine dining at UR, I've put together a review of every dining option you can find on-campus that works perfectly whether you need a quick bite in between classes or have time for a sit-down meal. 

1. D-Hall

beer, coffee, tea
Sophie Pilkington

Of course, the most popular place to eat on campus is Heilman Dining Center, better known as D-Hall. While the staff does a great job of providing something for everyone, it can be easy to fall into the same routine at one specific station. The best way to avoid this is to check the menu online beforehand, that way you know what you're getting yourself into ahead of time.

Overall, it's a pretty good dining hall considering it's the only one on campus, and if you haven't experienced D-Hall after a day of dartying, you should definitely try it.  

2. ETC

beer, coffee
Sophie Pilkington

If you need a chaser, a snack, or even a pint of ice-cream and paper towels, ETC has almost everything you could need for a quick resupply. Connected to D-Hall, ETC is super convenient to stop at after a meal to grab something to bring back to your room or to snack on during your walk (or sprint) to class. When I saw they had Talenti gelato and Ben & Jerry's ice cream I was pretty much satisfied. #Gamechanger.

3. Tyler's Grill

beer, coffee, tea
Sophie Pilkington

If you need a quick and easy place to grab a smoothie or sandwich (all while avoiding the lines), Tyler's should be your go-to. Located in Tyler Commons, Tyler's Grill offers seating that overlooks the lake, where you can get work done while chowing down. That's what I call multitasking.

It's a little less crowded and overwhelming than D-hall, and is  perfect if you're looking for a more casual spot and don't want to run into everyone on campus. 

3. The Cellar

Looking for a sit-down dining experience but don't have the time to waste to drive off campus? Well then, the Cellar is the answer to your prayers. This restaurant is located on the lower level of Tyler Commons, but it's definitely a step up because it's more of a restaurant-style eatery. The menu has a variety of food and drinks, and you can even do take-out. If you want a place to go where you can watch the game or enjoy live entertainment, this is a great option. 

#SpoonTip: The Cellar accepts Spider Dollars, so there's no need for real money.

4. Eight-Fifteen at Boatwright

It's pretty much impossible to avoid rush hour lines in the morning at this small coffee shop, conveniently located in Boatwright Library. Don't let the lines scare you away, as the staff does a great job at taking everyone's orders and making your drinks as quick and efficiently as possible. With a variety of drinks, pastries, and snacks, Eight-Fifteen is a great place to get something while studying or on the way to that dreaded 9am. 

5. Passport Cafe

beer, tea
Sophie Pilkington

Located in Weinstein International Center, Passport Cafe is the perfect place to do work outside while enjoying one of their global daily specials or, even better, some truly authentic gelato and sushi. Their specials usually include one vegetarian option so there's a wide range of options. Sometimes the line can get long in between classes, but their staff is pretty efficient when placing orders. 

6. Lou's

salad, quinoa, vegetable, pepper
Julia Muro

A staple for all B-School students, Lou's can get crowded in between classes but is well worth the wait. Located in the Business school, Lou's is a small cafe with the best salads, soups, and sandwiches on campus (in my humble opinion).

Their make-your-own salad bar is a perfect way to take something on the go that's acutally healthy and filling. With plenty of space to do work while eating, Lou's is always worth the hike across campus. 

7. The Dean's Den

sausage, meat
Dannah Strauss

There's nothing worse than coming back after a late night study sesh only to discover you're low on snacks. Now you can stop in at the Dean's Den if you live on the Richmond side of campus and are too lazy to walk to ETC. Located in Whitehurst of Richmond College, the Dean's Den can definetly provide you with something to keep you satisfied until the morning.

#SpoonTip: Plan accordingly. The Dean's Den is closed at night on the weekends when drunchies are a necessity. 

For a small school, Richmond does do a great job of providing a variety of places to eat without having to venture off campus. Now it's up to you to get creative and explore other options outside of your D-Hall comfort zone.