Opened in October 2012, FT33 is trendy, local farm to table restaurant that has been voted one of the best restaurants in Dallas multiple times. Located in the Design District, they are open for dinner Tuesday through Thursday from 6 to 10 and Friday through Saturday from 5:30 to 11. The menu is structured as a four course prix fixe menu with an additional price for wine pairings. Their menu changes daily and each dish is prepared with local and sustainable ingredients. 

The restaurant's energetic atmosphere encompasses the bar, which can be summed up in one word: trendy. FT33, the restaurant, has more of a casual vibe influenced by the open floor plan that encourages lively conversation. The chef uses the white tiles in the back of the restaurant as his 'idea board,' writing new menu ideas on them in Expo marker which showcases his creativity. The chef, Matt McCallister, struggled between picking visual arts and culinary arts. Opening FT33 was the perfect way for him to combine those two talents, because not only is the food delicious, but the presentation is beautiful. Each dish you order is like a work of art. Check out FT33 for one of the most unique dining experiences in Dallas. You will not be disappointed.

Course 1: Beef Tartare with Pickled Mushrooms

Juliana Dinkle

The first course featured beef tartare with roasted garlic, pickled mushrooms, salted green strawberry, and potato crackers paired with Pierre Paillard Brut Grand Cru Champagne.

The roasted garlic, pickled mushrooms, and salted green strawberries gave the beef tartare a bit of sour flavor which combined nicely. The potato crackers added a good texture to the dish which was also complemented by the bubbles in the champagne.

Course 2: Gulf Snapper Crudo with Soured Summer Squash and Beet Kraut

Juliana Dinkle

The second course was a gulf snapper crudo with soured summer squash, marigold, and beet kraut paired with Domaine Delaporte Sancerre Chavignol.

The soured summer squash, marigold, and beet kraut gave the gulf snapper crudo a citrusy and sour flavor. As a major sushi fan, I absolutely loved this dish. The white wine included a citrus flavor that complemented this fish really well.

Course 3: Chicken with Rice Peas, Grilled Radish, Okra, and Jujube Mole

Juliana Dinkle

The third course was Cartemere Farms chicken, rice peas, grilled radish, mustard greens, jujube mole, and okra paired with Fazenda Prádio Tinto.

The rice peas, grilled radish, mustard greens, jujube mole, and okra gave the chicken a very unique and savory flavor combination. The red wine complemented the jujube sauce well.

Course 4: Salted Buttered Popcorn Semifreddo

Juliana Dinkle

The last course featured a salted buttered popcorn semifreddo with blueberries, caramelized lime curd, and kafir paired with Seifried Winemakers Nelson 'Sweet Agnes' Riesling.

The blueberries and caramelized lime curd gave the dish a nice fruity, sour, and sweet flavor. The salted buttered popcorn semifreddo added a salty flavor and a nice crunch. This dessert was a perfect combination of sweet and salty. The sweet riesling paired well with the dessert.

FT33 is Dallas' hot spot for a farm to table experience. With sustainable ingredients and a rotating menu, don't miss out on one of the best restaurants in Dallas