London, England is a bustling city filled with a plethora of cafés, restaurants, and pubs, but if you are visiting the city and want to try an eatery with a unique twist, why not stop by London’s longest running Cat Café, Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium?

This charming little café was established in 2014 in Shoreditch, East London, and to this day continues to welcome guests into its quiet, cozy world as a means of escape from the busy London life outside. With furniture, decorations, and even merchandise that plays off Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lady Dinah’s truly immerses visitors into a magical, cat filled Wonderland.

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Allyson Macci

The Cat Café trend started in Korea and then traveled to Japan which, since the last count in 2014, holds the record for most Cat Cafés anywhere else in the world.  Pretty soon the craze traveled to the United Kingdom where Lady Dinah’s became the first Cat Café to be introduced to London.

While Cat Cafés are really no different from any other café - they serve tea, hot chocolate, cakes, and other baked goods or small sandwiches as you would expect - there are a few rules that need to be followed when visiting:

There are 13 cats running around Lady Dinah's, and while they are all friendly, cuddly kitties, the café does ask that guests respect them and remember that the cats are not there to put on a show for people. The employees will introduce guests to the cats sleeping or playing around the café and will offer advice on how to best approach each individual cat as they all have unique personalities!

Allyson Macci

This cute kitty's name is Wookie, a four year old half Persian, half tabby cat and one of the 13 residents of Lady Dinah's!

The best way to visit Lady Dinah’s is to book a visit. Since the café can seat up to 30 guests at a time, this popular spot fills up quickly, especially on weekends. There are a number of different visit options for guests, ranging from the general £10 for entry, cats, and tea to £25 for high tea and even £35 for unlimited high tea!

If you and friends want to go for the experience and a spot of tea, the £10 option is the way to go! For 90 minutes you are given a drink and unlimited access to the many kitties running and sleeping around the café.

cake, tea, chocolate
Allyson Macci

If you are looking to check out some pawesome Cat Cafés in New York City, there are three wonderful Cafés to look into! Koneko Cat Café, a Japanese style Cat Café can be found on 26 Clinton St, New York, NY. On 46 Hester Street, New York, New York, Meow Parlour is open for business, serving sweet treats and kitty snuggles. Searching for something to do in Brooklyn? Then stop by the Brooklyn Cat Café, a cat lovers heaven.