I'm a strong believer that brunch is the best meal of the day, and what better way to spend it at BeetleCat's "Donut Brunch"? Although the donut + seafood combo sounds a bit odd at first, trust me; BeetleCat's homemade donuts are the perfect appetizer to a savory, seafood entree. 

The Donuts

Growing up in New Hampshire, I've always had a Dunkin' Donuts within a mile radius from wherever I was, so Boston Creme Donuts were a staple part of my diet. When I first heard about BeetleCat's "Donut Brunch", I knew I had to try it for myself. 

BeetleCat's "Donut Brunch" menu (which is exclusively available on the weekends) changes throughout the month. During my visit, I had the opportunity to taste their "Southern Pie", "The Beeziness", and "Fire and Desire" donuts. 

The first thing I noticed was the donuts' perfect balance of sweetness. The "Southern Pie" donut was filled with a sweet potato cream, then topped with a classic glaze and graham cracker crumble. I appreciated how it was not too overwhelmingly sugary, and the sweet potato filling was reminiscent of a classic Thanksgiving sweet potato pie. "The Beeziness" was a simple honey-lemon donut with a granola topping that added the perfect crunch. Like the "Southern Pie", it was not too sweet, but the individual flavors were unique and paired well together. My personal favorite, the "Fire and Desire", had the creamiest vanilla custard filling with hints of cinnamon. These flavors were complimented by a strawberry glaze and the cutest chocolate-covered strawberry on top. If you're a strawberry-lover like I am, I would definitely recommend picking this donut the next time you visit BeetleCat.

The Seafood

I'm a huge seafood fanatic, so during the summer, I love to hop around every coastal city in New England chowing down on the freshest lobster rolls and clam chowder I can find. When I first walked into BeetleCat, I noticed a familiar sight on many tables: bright red lobster pieces stacked on top of a crispy, buttered roll. 

After trying BeetleCat's popular lobster roll for myself, I was surprised at how tender and juicy the lobster was. Each bite reminded me of the summers I spent in Providence eating nothing but lobster rolls for lunch everyday. This was a solid 10/10 - and coming from a picky seafood lover from New England, that means a lot.

Aside from the lobster roll, I also sampled the blue crab omelette, which included a generous helping of crab meat with a cilantro and watercress garnish. The fluffy eggs and savory crab combination was simply unlike any other omelette I've ever tasted. The last dish I tried was the smoked fish roesti, featuring trout and roe that popped in my mouth. The celery, carrots, cabbage, and fennel on top offered a fresh, delightful taste alongside the smoky flavor of the trout. All three of these dishes were absolutely delicious, and I urge you to try them for yourselves to truly understand what I mean.

In addition to to their brunch seafood menu, BeetleCat offers numerous dishes featuring fresh oysters, clams, mussels, octopus, shrimp, and lobster during dinnertime. I will definitely be coming back soon to try these out myself!

As a New Englander, I was impressed by BeetleCat's authentic and perfectly-sweet donuts, as well as their seafood brunch dishes. If you're from the Northeast or have a passion for finding the best donut and seafood spots in Atlanta (or both, if you're like me), BeetleCat in Inman Park is the perfect spot for you!