New York City. My love, you offer me so many options for food. Simultaneously, you give me an anxiety attack every time I try to figure out where to eat. Luckily, I'm a simpleton and a majority of the time, I just want really, really, good noodles that incorporate Asian flavors. So, as a bona fide expert, I offer my humble opinion on the 10 best spots to get your asian noodle fix in Lower Manhattan. 

1. The Tang — China/Taiwan

A new-school noodle joint in the East Village that serves bomb spins on old-school Chinese/Taiwanese noodle recipes from all over China. Everything here is solid, but my go-to favorites are their "drunk noodles" and "sizzling noodles". This place changed my life, I know it will change yours. 

2. Tsurutontan — Japan

Okay, so Tsurutontan isn't technically below 14th St, but it's so good that breaking a few rules is just necessary. By far the bougiest noodle shop on this list, they provide the craft of Japan in a bowl of Udon. Everything here is worth getting, so go ahead, bring a friend, and splurge a little. 

3. Ippudo - Japan

Ippudo is world famous for a reason. Hailing all the way from Japan, their claim to fame is all in a bowl of blow-your-freaking-tastebuds ramen. Come for the great food, and make sure to snap an instagram or two. 

4. Han Dynasty — Szechuan, China

Come in, sit down. Order yourself a bowl of dan-dan noodles, and get the fried chicken. Go out on the town. Party. Hit Repeat. If you haven't yet made this pilgrimage a part of your NYU routine, you'll thank me later.

5. Soba-ya — Japan

Located in what feels like New York's version of Little Tokyo — a crowded section of East 9th Street in the East Village — Soba-ya presents an elegant bowl of soba in a shop that transports you out of the hustle and bustle of the city. Now that's my version of R&R. 

6. Love — Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam

From the street the storefront is called Love Mamak, but on Google and Yelp it's called Love Mama. Confusions aside, this restaurant does a solid job of presenting a variety of Asian flavors all in one joint. Bring your picky friends, I'm sure they'll find something that appeals to their tastebuds. 

7. Sao Mai — Vietnam

Coming from Southern California, the competition for good pho is a bit shy here in NYC. Sao Mai is not one of those places. They do an amazing bowl of hot and comforting pho, and off course their other dishes aren't to be missed, either. This is the perfect spot to cozy up on a rainy day. 

8. Little Tong - Yunnan, China

A relatively new addition to the city noodle scene,  boy am I glad Little Tong is here. Shouted out by the one and only Pete Wells of the New York Times and serving authentic Mi Xian (rice noodles), Little Tong brings out an aspect of China not yet seen in mainstream cuisine. 

9. Saigon Shack — Vietnam

A famous name among NYU students, Saigon Shack dishes out authentic Vietnamese food for that godblessed single dollar sign price. It's no wonder that they always have a line going out the door. If you're right by Washington Square Park, this is place to be. 

10. Panda Banjum — Korea

So I broke my rule twice, and this noodle shop is deep in K-town territory, but it's worth going to. They serve traditional Korean-Chinese food, think Jajangmyun (black bean noodles) and Jampong (spicy seafood noodles). And if Midtown just seems a bit out of reach, did I mention they do delivery?