A recent influx of appreciation for fresh produce and support for local businesses have made farmer's markets into community staples across the world. Thankfully, Minneapolis is no exception to this, as it boasts dozens of farmer's markets spread across nearly every corner of the city, including the Mill City Farmer's Market.

As a lover of both vegetables and trendy things, it became clear very quickly that the Mill City Farmers Market might be the place for me, so I decided to check it out.

Aspenn Ward

Initial Reaction

In the spirit of full disclosure, I can be a bit of an awkward person when I'm alone in new places, so fellow SpoonU writer Beka Barski agreed to tag along with me. If you don't have someone to go with, fear not, because it's definitely not necessary to have someone with you to visit this market.

The trendy spot, tucked between the Guthrie Theatre and the south end of the Stone Arch Bridge mall, offers a beautiful view of the river upon arrival. You are immediately greeted by a plethora of dog-walkers, vegetables, fresh breads and smiling vendors.

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Aspenn Ward

The market is active with people ranging from college students to young families, and locals living in the area. It has vendors selling everything from hand-woven baskets to fresh kale and radishes, and cold-pressed juices to bread and fresh-baked pastries. It is absolutely a something-for-everyone type of place.

Aspenn Ward

The Takeaway

My review as a newcomer of the Mill City Farmer's Market was overwhelmingly positive. It is a place that not only supports a healthy lifestyle, but also encourages an appreciation of local vendors of all kinds.

Whether that means organic dog treats or vegan energy bars by Ommie, it is a place that offers new experiences of many kinds. It is located conveniently close to the University of Minnesota campus, and should you chose to visit, it will welcome you with open arms.