If the Smorgasburg in Williamsburg has been too much of a schlep for you, you're in luck this summer. The overwhelming smorgasbord of vendors have now opened up a new location in the World Trade Center. At the Oculus Plaza on Fridays from 11am-7pm, food-fanatics can graze with 30 vendors offering the hottest, up-and-coming hand-held munchies that will leave you salivating and wanting to check out even more. Whether you're on your lunch break from your internship or searching for stuff to do with your friends, save the trip on the L train and head to this Woodstock of eating. While you're planning your next visit, let me just feature some of the best, most hottest vendors to look out for. You'll thank me later. 

1. Bona Bona Ice Cream

These small batches of ice cream are tiny in dose, but richest in flavor. Made by Chef Nick Di Bona, a "Chopped" contestant (who won for his ice cream, might I add), these treats offer distinct flavors including "Holy Cannoli", "Frosted Animal Cracker" and "Nutella S'mores". Think of your most favorite ice cream place but on crack. Bona Bona is the perfect tent to visit when you're dying of heat this summer and need a sugar rush that'll cool you right down. The best part about it? Each ice cream is torched with a topping of marshmallow. Who needs Bora Bora this summer when you have Bona Bona? 

2. Ring Ding Bar

Known as the "50s favorite, made for today", these bite-sized dessert snacks are more dangerous than they look. These pop-in-your-mouth snacks (no fork needed) are an artisanal rendition of the 1950s favorite. Made with all natural ingredients, each snack offers a colorful range of creative, exciting and natural flavors. What's Ring Ding's mission? "To inspire people to reconnect with their inner dessert break with a delicious snack cake". Sounds like I'll be taking the next train to NYC. 

3. Tojosan Kitchen

Think about Ramen to the max. This is the ultimate Japanese-takeout-meets-food-truck baby. Whether this is your spot for lunch or a quick on-the-go snack, Tojo's Kitchen has variety of ramens made with hearty flavor and pork bones. Rice burgers? Yes. Sushi + Sando combo? Sign me up. Gluten-free Japanese fried chicken TACOS?! Tojo may I. Tojosan is the spot that'll most likely have a line around the block. But don't worry, their shumai is worth the wait. 

4. Wood Fired Edibles

Is a food truck festival even a true success if there isn't a pizza hot-spot? If you've ever questioned your ability to finish a pizza in 5 minutes, Wood Fired will put all your doubts aside. The doughiest, crispiest crust, and cheesiest pizza that's posted all over the Smorgasburg Insta is only making me salivate while I nibble on my spinach salad. This brick oven delight will leave your mouth wanting more once you've finished. Don't even hesitate to treat yourself to your own pie. You're gonna regret it otherwise. 

5. Home Frites

Shake Shack, close your doors. Your fries are not worthy. Home Frites is the ultimate fry spot when you are hangry, hungover, bored af at work, sad, happy, up, down, sideways, whatever. These fries are the most photogenic fries that I've seen, which means they'll most likely be the best fry in the World Trade area. These fries are known to be soft, but crispy all at the same time. Plus, they put poutine to shame when they top it all off with your favorite cheesy toppings. Might as well give up the summer bod now. 

6. Burger Supreme

Simple, yet a classic. Burger Supreme is the perfect pit stop if you're craving the juiciest, cheesiest delight in the area. Might as well have a side of this with your home frites, right? 

7. Destination Dumplings

Known for their location at Citifield, these dumplings are on their way to new heights at Smorgasburg. Each dumpling is delicately crafted handmade and are incorporated with modern flavors, making your usual takeout order so last season. They've been featured in TimeOut, Zagat, Bedford Bowery, and more...so I guess they're pretty highly acclaimed, right? These pan fried dumplings are all thanks to the "Two Kids from Queens". Both chefs have diverse backgrounds, one being Chinese-Jamaican, and constantly incorporate French, Jamaican, New American, Mexican, Japanese and Italian flavors with their dumplings. So pretty much, it's the most diverse dumpling out there....why not stop for a taste? 

8. Big Mozz

This Smorgasburg location literally has everything you could possibly dream of at work. All you have to do is look at BigMozz's insta to make you start salivating. You may remember these cheesy delights from GovBall, when you were drunk off of your a** from a pregame on MetroNorth. Aside from your drunken memories, these sticks are stacked with flavor, seasoned with tastes that you dream of. These sticks are known for curing your hunger out on those streets this summer. 

9. Thai Bird

Picture this: fried chicken in a pineapple. The mix of sweet pineapple with juicy pieces of dark meat chicken are something I guarantee you've never experienced. I, personally, am not a fan of pineapple on my pizza but if I can do chicken with waffles, I guess I could say I'm down for this delicacy?  

10. Nansense

This food truck is unlike any other. This pitstop offers Afghan comfort food and is undoubtedly the 2018 winner of the Vendy Awards ("the red carpet gala for New York's pushcart heroes"). Veggie or chicken korma, mantu, and bolani (a traditional Afghan snack with greens seasoned and wrapped in a crispy dough wrapper). Try your hand at something new once you're done with that basic burger. If they've won Rookie of the Year, they're doing something right.