Hidden away in the Old Fourth Ward, A Mano is a casual, cozy restaurant serving delicious Italian food. Immediately upon entering the restaurant, you are embraced by the welcoming ambiance. No matter whether you are going out to dinner with friends and family or going on a date, this environment radiates gratitude and joy. A Mano has something for just about everyone, with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options seen on the menu. If that isn't enough of a pitch for you, let's dive into my dining experience.


I know appetizers can be contentious sometimes; some people would prefer to wait for their entree and enjoy it wholeheartedly. While I can empathize and even agree at times, the antipasti at A Mano is something you won't want to skip. For the table, we shared the burrata (pictured) as well as the fig salad. Both were delightful, but the burrata was otherworldly. While the fig salad was something different and really enjoyable, nothing beats light, creamy mozzarella paired with fresh-made sourdough. The sourdough was perfectly toasted to pair with the burrata and the olive oil. 

Sophie Packman


The main event. There really is no way to go wrong here — any option is a great option, from carbonara to cacio e pepe and everywhere in between. I ordered the bucatini alla bolognese, and any expectations I had were exceeded. The pasta was cooked to al dente perfection, and the bolognese sauce was so unique; it was sweet, smokey, and spicy all in one dish. The meat paired so well with the flavor profile, balanced perfectly by the fresh burrata resting atop.

Sophie Packman

Honorable mention: fusilli e scallops. While I did not order this dish, my friend who did gave it a stellar review. This pasta had a cream sauce with scallops, complemented by mushrooms and spinach. She loved how well each aspect of the dish paired with the others.

Sophie Packman


If you thought I could pass on the sides, you would be wrong. We shared the cauliflower and the fried potatoes, neither of which dared to disappoint. Both dishes were incredible in their own ways, the cauliflower being my personal favorite (as pictured). While the crispy potatoes were a close second, the cheesy, saucy cauliflower goodness could not be beat.

Sophie Packman


Since we were celebrating a birthday, dessert was a must. The birthday girl chose the caramel apple ricotta poundcake, which was everything it sounds like and more. The savory and dense poundcake was perfected by the sweet caramel apples and smooth vanilla gelato. It was the best way to end an incredible dinner.

In case it hasn't been crystal clear, A Mano became an immediate favorite of mine after my experience dining there. From the warm environment to the exceptional food, there is no room for disappointment. Whether you are seeking a restaurant for your next date or just dinner out with friends, look no further.