UVM students are passionate about many things: social justice, environmental issues, sustainability and so much more.  But, a little known fact about us is that we are also extremely passionate about our on-campus meal offerings.  Your feelings about the Grundle's late-night menus could seriously create riffs between friends and roomates. My passion lies in Brennan's - located in the first floor of the Davis Center.  Sadly (VERY SADLY), Brennan's will be closed until further notice, as the first floor is being used for COVID testing. 

In addition to food, Brennan's is also home of the book nook, where students can donate and borrow books to read, many UPB events like trivia night and movie nights, and is a hub of the Davis Center activity.  

In order to cope with my sadness, I have decided to reflect on the past year that I spent with Brennan's and talk about some of its greatest hits.  

(Real footage of me when I found out that Brennan's wouldn't be reopening)


Imagine this: it's a cold Saturday morning.  You've had a late night, you've woken up to a blanket of freshly fallen snow and you're craving something besides dining hall food.  You look over at your roommate and your eyes both light up: Brennan's, you think and the two of you leap from your beds, bundle up to face the harsh Vermont cold and walk to the Davis Center.  

Buttermilk Pancakes - this is, in my mind, the only acceptable Brennan's breakfast.  I was heavily disappointed by the avocado toast one too many times, so I will never make that bad decision again.  These pancakes are served with local butter and Vermont maple syrup, right from UVM's Proctor Maple Research Center, and, if you're feeling up to it, Vermont blueberries or chocolate chips.  Fluffy, rich and filling, these pancakes fill a void that no other food quite can. 


Brennan's has many unique offerings and can satisfy anyone's cravings, no matter their dietary restrictions.  There are several vegetarian and vegan options! 

The Vermonter Wrap - chances are, if you've gone out to eat somewhere in Vermont, you've come in contact with this sandwich combination.  Turkey, bacon, lettuce, cheddar, apple and cranberry mayo, served in a whole wheat wrap - an ideal Vermont sandwich.  All ingredients at Brennan's are local and served fresh.  Served with your choice of side - house salad, fries, potato chips, sweet potato fries or the roast corn and feta salad - this was a sandwich that could not be beat.  

The Veggie Quesadilla - this is one of my favorites, and something I would order to eat behind the desk during my shift at Living Well, located just down the hall.  Black beans, roasted corn, spinach and cheddar all in a whole wheat tortilla, grilled to perfection.  A bonus tip - ask for a side of guacamole and lime sour cream for dipping and you've got a perfect meal! 

The Black Bean and Sweet Potato Burger - Brennan's prides itself on being able to feed many different dietary restrictions, and this black bean and sweet potato burger patty is one of its finest.  I would order topped with lettuce, tomato, pickled red onion and jalepenos, with Frank's hot sauce on the side (which brings my Buffalo heart great joy).  Truly, a chef's kiss for this. 


The Maple Milkshake - something I will greatly miss.  I spent quite a few nights in Brennan's with my friends, sitting around a table, drinking these milkshakes.  While there are many delicious flavors, including coffee, sweet cream, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla, maple is the way to my heart.  

Incoming students, there aren't words to describe how sorry I am that you will not have the Brennan's experience I did in your upcoming semester, but fear not, the magic of Brennan's will live on, no matter what.  You can close down the restaurant, but you can't close down the love that will continue on.