With finals behind us I know I don't look back fondly upon cramming in the corner of the library with the greater part of Bentley’s population. Being surrounded by hundreds of other stressed out students trying to fit in the last few hours of studying before their exam is not a fun memory. To combat the overly crowded library I found off campus Boston study spots to relax and work that have the stress free environment every student craves. 

For a quiet and classic ambiance The Boston Public Library offers a stress free environment with relatively convenient hours on weekdays. There are multiple places in the library to take a study break and get some food or a coffee. Centrally located, the Boston Public Library is always full of students ranging from different schools in the Boston Area.

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Grace Hurley

The Hipster Option

If you’re looking for a hipster environment cafés are the perfect way to go being that they provide a livelier study scene. The Crema Café in Harvard Square offers a great studying atmosphere with a large seating area, just a few steps off of the shuttle. The Crema Café is a great study option without electronics, this is because they do not offer complimentary Wi-Fi. The Thinking Cup, a classic Boston study spot located in the North End of Boston always seems to have a large crowd, with plenty of refreshments and an environment conducive to studying. The Pavement Coffeehouse in Downtown Boston offers a great tea and coffee selection. With multiple locations, homemade bagels, and a home style atmosphere, Pavement Coffeehouse is my personal favorite choice for an off-campus study spot.

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Victoria Stack

The Cambridge Option

If you’re a Bentley student, you’ve likely visited the Starbucks Reserve Bar in Harvard Square. If you’re lucky enough to get a seat, the Harvard Square Starbucks is an ideal choice for coffee, studying, and people watching. Try and grab a window seat if they are available!

Anytime you're looking for a potential study break, or even just a place to go to get away from the Bentley Bubble, then these places are the perfect getaway. 

So next time you're looking for a quiet nook to hit the books, try out these coffee shop favorites to escape the Bentley Bubble!

Want even more options, I got you.