It’s been years since I’ve woken up early enough to tag along on my mom’s weekly farmers’ market trips. But now that I no longer have the luxury of a fridge fully stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables, it finally hit me that I have some adulting to catch up on. Whether you’re looking for fruits to incorporate into your next baking creation or trying to escape from the hustle and bustle of college life, the Downtown Berkeley Farmers’ Market has something for everyone.

Located a few steps away from Downtown Berkeley, this block-long farmers’ market is a paradise of fresh produce, baked goods, and unique eats you never knew you needed. It is held every Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm, so even if you’re that person that sleeps through their 8 am classes, there’s no way you’ll miss out on this hidden gem! 

Camille Fang

From crisp persimmons to hand-cut pasta, brick-oven bread to creamy almond milk, a walk down this block is an exhilarating journey for all five senses. The live music, pleasant vendors, and sunny California weather (if you visit on a good day) make the farmers’ market a hotspot for people from all walks of life. Even if you’re trying to save some money, the free samples are enough to satisfy your foodie cravings.

Bread and Desserts

Camille Fang

Start your farmers’ market journey at the west end (at the intersection of Center Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Way) with some freshly baked bread, pastries, and other desserts. Phoenix Pastificio’s gluten-free and flourless macaroons are guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth—the crisp, caramelized exterior shell lightly dusted with powdered sugar strikes a perfect balance with the chewy, rich interior crafted with almond paste and cocoa powder. They also sell vegan chocolate chip cookies, handmade ravioli, and fresh-cut pasta in all shapes and sizes.

Camille Fang

If you’re a bread fanatic like me, Morell's Bread is heaven on Earth. Despite the divine aroma wafting from the specialty brick-oven baked bread, I successfully averted my burning desire to buy an entire loaf. Instead, I settled on a fresh pear scone made with whole wheat flour and loaded with juicy chunks of sweet pear.

Fruits and Vegetables

Camille Fang

The vibrant hues of the tomatoes, coarse textures of the squash, and rosy glow of the apples are enough to inspire anyone, even the most amateur of chefs, to pull out their baking trays and start cooking. With fall in full swing, the persimmons were by far the highlight of my entire experience—the mild sweetness and distinctive, slightly cinnamon-like scent produced a lingering taste in my mouth that left my taste buds begging for more.

Multicultural Cuisines

Camille Fang

Staying true to Berkeley’s status as a melting pot of cultures, the farmers’ market houses a handful of vendors specializing in authentic cuisines, including Afghan bolani (flatbread) stuffed with vegetables, pita chips, hummus, tahini, sweet and savory French crêpes, and a variety of Ethiopian dishes.


Contrary to popular belief, the farmers’ market doesn’t just offer food products. There are a variety of drinks worth a try, ranging from wheat grass juice to French press coffee. Wash down your meal with some fresh almond milk from Beber Almondmilk—the menu currently offers seasonal flavors like pumpkin spice almond milk, and the workers even make their own cold brew coffee.

The next time your fridge is looking a little empty, or if you’re craving a mini getaway from a tiring study session, pay a visit to the Downtown Berkeley Farmers’ Market. After all, who doesn’t love flavorful (and free) samples, live music, and fall vibes?