1. Compass Coffee in Georgetown

With its prime location, nice staff, and scrumptious coffee and treats, you cannot go wrong with heading over to Compass. While Compass has various locations in and around D.C, the Georgetown location has an abundant number of seats, which can ease the stress of finding a table. The spot is surrounded by numerous shops if you find that you need a quick study break:) With all of this in mind, Compass Coffee is definitely one of the best spots near GW's campus. 

2. Philz Coffee in Dupont Circle 

Philz Coffee is a great spot to grab a piping fresh coffee and relax with a book you have been waiting to read. Try their Iced Mocha or Canopy of Heaven and you will no doubt be hooked. Its location, in Dupont circle, makes Philz a must-try. Close proximity to campus, numerous coffee and food options, and its warm and inviting environment are just a few of the reasons why Philz is a great option for GW students.

3. Grace Street Coffee Georgetown

If you like a study spot with comfortable window seating and a variety of coffee items to choose from, Grace Street is the place to go. Grace Street Coffee is a quaint shop located on one of Georgetown's serene side streets with outdoor seating that is perfect when the weather cooperates. On those days when you're in the mood to take a nice walk before you study, Grace Street is the perfect venue to visit. 

4. Bourbon Coffee in Foggy Bottom

Bourbon Coffee hits the mark if you're in the mood for a cozy and warm place to study. It has a wide range of food and drinks options as well as plenty of seating. For the politically minded, Bourbon Coffee is just minutes away from the White house in case you might need a breather from the textbooks and some motivation. 

5. Peet's Coffee in District House

For those days when you’re feeling lazy and dread a ten-minute walk to study and get coffee, Peet's is the place to go. Peet's has a variety of delicious items on the menu, including the dark chocolate orange mocha and classic egg and cheese sandwich. You don’t have to travel far to enjoy Peet’s solid offerings.

6. La Colombe in Farragut West 

La Colombe is an underrated yet great choice to grab a quick coffee for when you're in a rush and in need of a good caffeine fix. If you're heading towards the mall or planning to ride the metro, La Colombe is a perfect choice. La Colombe is known for its draft latte, which I would highly recommend as it tastes super fresh and comes straight from a tap! 

7. Gelbucks 

Even-though going to the library to get a coffee doesn't seem like the most adventurous thing to do, sometimes it is convenient and quick. Although I sometimes dread walking into Gelbucks, I know what I like there and I am never disappointed. Whether you're on your way to class or somewhere to study on campus, Gelbucks is an easy place to get your pick me up.