You’re horribly hungover on a Sunday and bury yourself under the weight and soothing darkness of you comforter—the thought of stepping outside your dorm is too horrible to bear.

Or maybe you’ve procrastinated to the last possible moment for that chemistry test and are now forced to spend every last waking hour in Gelman, knowing it will hardly make a difference in your grade, anyways.

What do these situations have in common, you ask? Any college student knows these struggles like the back of their hand, and most would agree—ordering takeout will ease the pain.

Wouldn’t you like to know that you’re not alone in your lazy, procrastinating, heavy-drinking habits? Thanks to our friends at EatStreet, you can feel a little bit less guilty about those impromptu, somewhat regrettable, but definitely worth it takeout decisions, and order the right thing every time.

Carbs on Carbs

For students at GW, the top three ordered items are sandwiches, subs and pizza. We just can’t get enough of our carbs. Carbs rock and they are the perfect ingredient to nurse your hangover and sustain your all nighter. Do us and yourselves a favor, and never order in anything that comes with lettuce.

Pepperoni is King

Pepperoni is the Beyonce of pizza. Well maybe not actually, but it is the most ordered pizza topping by students. Following that is sausage, and then mushroom to round out the top three.

And good news for students: there’s so many options to fulfill all of your pizza needs, although Manny & Olga’s get’s our vote—they’ll deliver your drunk order  so fast, you won’t have time to pass out on your friend’s bedroom floor. So go ahead and fall asleep while taking your fourth piece of pepperoni pizza to the face, we won’t judge.

Lazy Sundays

By the time Sunday rolls around, staying in rules all else. The highest percentage of takeout orders using EatStreet is on Sunday.

The mix of dreading the week ahead and being tired from blowing off steam over the weekend is the perfect storm for foregoing that complex recipe you’ve been meaning to try, and instead curling up on the couch with some delicious Chinese food. Step aside, sautéed kale with garlic-y lentils and an over-easy egg.

Takeout Ordering By Day
Diagram by Jen Kaufman 

Dinner is the Winner

You may have thought that most people order takeout when they’ve come back from the bar or club after making some regrettable decisions and are absolutely ravenous.

Well, you’re wrong. In fact, 14.8% of orders are placed at 6 pm, which means they should be received by happy customers just in time for dinner between 6:30 and 7 pm. In our case, this might be a result of an all-too-happy hour.

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This post is sponsored by Eat Street. 

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