Everyone needs a guide to global cuisine in Bloomington. That's because amongst all the typical food chains is an area known as 4th Street, famously recognized by IU students for its international food scene. When navigating this colorful street, there are so many places to choose from.  

To be completely honest, being from California and its melting pot-esque demographic, I was a bit skeptical about indulging myself in global foods from the middle of Indiana. 

To my (very) pleasant surprise, it was delicious. To those who have yet to venture over there, it is essentially a three block strip full of a authentic foreign restaurants. From Indian, to Thai, and Turkish, it really does have it all. Through my own trips to 4th street, I've narrowed it down to three restaurants that will take your taste buds abroad.

1. My Thai

The first place among the list of must try global restaurants will make all of your noodle dreams come true. My go-to-order is tofu Pad Thai - stir fried rice noodles with egg, green onions and bean sprouts. If you want to eat authentically, this is the dish you should be ordering. It is the perfect combination of sweet and savory. Although I get tofu, they give you the choice of ordering pork or chicken at no extra charge. Other options include beef for $1 and shrimp for an additional $2. 

Deal Alert: If you happen to have a craving for this Thai gem between 11am and 3pm, they have a lunch special that gives you the choice between seventeen different dishes for $8.99, with complimentary vegetable soup, what a steal!

2. Taste of India

Taste of India serves traditional Indian dishes with a variety of spices and colors. Indian food is one of my personal favorites, and I can confirm this restaurant to be extremely delicious. A classic and safe Indian dish is “Chicken Tikka Masala” which I love, don't get me wrong, but I prefer vegetable curries, specifically “Vegetable Makhani.” Vegetable Makhani can be described as vegetables cooked in tomato and cream sauce. All of the entrees include basmati rice, and I strongly advise an order of naan, a traditional flatbread (garlic naan if you’re a garlic lover). 

Deal Alert: Taste of India has an ALL YOU CAN EAT lunch buffet for $9 in cash and $10 via credit card. If you’re in the mood to treat yourself, do it. 

3. Anatolia

Our final stop on this guide to 4th street is Anatolia’s turkish cuisine. Walking into Anatolia feels as though you’ve been physically transported out of IU into Turkey. The traditional seating of cushions on the floor and low to the ground tables makes the experience an authentic one! Anatolia has even been rated best ethnic restaurant in Bloomington. 

Deal Alert: Anatolia provides a lunch deal for $9, featuring almost twenty different dish options. So what are you waiting for? Go eat your heart out, and enjoy some Hummus.

All three of these restaurants, give you the ability to experience diverse international dishes and a true taste of proper global cuisine. Rather than staying in the comfort zone of burgers and fries, I hope that next time you’re on your way out to eat, 4th street is one of your options.