About a block away from the insanely popular Chelsea Market lies Gansevoort Market on 9th Ave and 14th St. A lot smaller and quieter, Gansevoort, which opened at its current location in 2016, is like Chelsea’s younger cousin. It’s perfect for those who love the foodie scene but aren’t looking to deal with the crowds. That being said, there are still a ton of food stalls, so here is a list of all the best ones in our guide to Gansevoort Market!

1. John's Juice

You may have spotted John’s Juice’s cute fruit juice cups out in Smorgasburg, but luckily you don’t have to go all the way out to Brooklyn to get some anymore! John’s Juice serves a number of fruit products in the fruits themselves, such as juices (as the name implies), smoothies, acai bowls, and more!

2. Milk & Cream Cereal Bar

One of NYC’s favorite ice cream parlors has now got a stand at Gansevoort Market! If you’re not trying to go all the way down to Nolita then this is the spot for you. For the uninitiated, Milk and Cream is known for serving delicious ice cream with generous toppings of cereal.

3. Trece Tacqueria

If you’re craving a bit of Mexican (which I so often am), Trece has got you covered! Trece’s tacos were absolutely delicious, and what made them even better is that they were also a really good bargain!

4. Chip NYC

Forget Tollhouse, forget Insomnia, forget literally any cookie you’ve eaten before now because I assure you, Chip’s cookies will blow you out of the water. I can confidently say that the cookie I had from Chip NYC was the single best cookie I have ever eaten in my entire life, and it would be a shame to come here and not eat one.

5. Luzzo's Pizza

New York slices are a dime a dozen in Manhattan, but Luzzo’s offers a more traditional, Italian take on pizza. You don’t need to go all the way to Little Italy for some fantastic Italian pizza anymore! 

6. Waffle de Lys

Once when we were eating in the market, my friend decided to try out Waffle de Lys’s waffle acai bowl, a certainly unique combination that I can neither vouch for nor condone. However, Waffle de Lys’s belgium waffles are positively delicious, and in fact, the smell of them in the air was so delicious that hardly anyone could resist buying one!

So next time you’re in the area, instead of going to your usual tourist trap, try this little market!