Foodhallen is an indoor food market in Amsterdam, much like 'Mercado de San Miguel' in Madrid, or even London's 'Borough Market'. With approximately 21 stalls, the options are plentiful and diverse, but can be overwhelming; if you bring enough people, you might be able to try something from all of them, but even if you can't bring a group ready to feast, don't worry! This guide to Foodhallen recommends which places to try to maximize the foodie experience, from stands that freshly-fry classic Dutch bitterballen, to places that serve up twists on old favorites!

1. De Ballen Bar

Bitterballen are a popular Dutch snack, typically composed of beef/roux filling, covered in breadcrumbs, and fried. At de Ballen Bar, the balls come in a variety of flavours, from the classic beef, to bouillabaisse or an Indonesian inspired one. If you're looking to try them all, the stall offers a 'tasting flight.'

TRY: the Truffle bitterballen, with their house mustard.

2. le Big Fish

le Big Fish is a seafood and oyster bar, boasting a unique flavor profile. All the buns were delicious, each with a custom-built sauce to compliment the seafood. The oysters are fairly fresh, but arguably a 'skip' at this stand in regards to value.  

TRY: the crispy soft-shell crab bun with wakame and creamy wasabi

3. Bulls and Dogs

A modern twist on the classic hot dog with sauerkraut, the dogs at Bulls and Dogs are all served on a crunchy German pretzel bun, with a cabbage slaw and a unique array of toppings. The stand also caters to specific diets, offering halal and vegetarian options in addition to classic favorites. Each dog is 7€ or less. 

TRY: the dog of the month (ask the chef!)

4. The Butcher

Serving up gourmet burgers, The Butcher was one of the most popular booths at Foodhallen on a crowded day. The guy working the stall emphasized the quality of ingredients, promising that the quality of the beef (Aberdeen Angus beef) was top-notch. We tried the classic 'The Butcher' and the 'Silence of the Lambs,' both of which were seared perfectly and boldly flavored. 

TRY: if you're looking for a challenge, try 'The Daddy' (11.95€), their biggest burger, boasting a 250g patty, topped with melted Edam cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon, BBQ sauce, and grilled onions.   

5. Viêt View

Also a popular stand, Viêt View serves up some vietnamese classics, from Banh Mi to Goi Cuon (rice paper rolls). We had the caramelized pork belly banh mi, which came with a chili mayo and pickled veg, and the sapa pork goi cuon. Make sure to check their Facebook to see what the daily special is. 

TRY: caramelized pork belly banh mi 

6. Entrecôte Mobile

A simpler version of the larger restaurant l'Entrecôte et les Dames, this stand serves up only two items: a steak au pleateau, and their famous 'French Steak Sandwich' (thinly sliced entrecôte with a gorgeous secret butter-based tarragon sauce). The quality of the ingredients is impressive, and the sear on the marbled beef even better. Simple, but simply delicious

TRY: either of the two! 

7. Basque (Pintxos)

As described by the chef, pintxos are sort of like tapas, but usually are served with some sort of spear (i.e. a toothpick) keeping toppings to a crusty piece of bread. Each one here has a different colored toothpick, indicating which price range it falls under, and making it easy to build a custom plate for the table.

TRY: the Iberico croquetas

8. Yoghurt Barn

Yes, arguably, a frozen yoghurt stand might not be the most original idea out here, but the ingredients at this particular stall are so fresh and so good that Yoghurt Barn ended up being one of my favorite stands. Featuring a build-your-own bar, the stall was a perfect, light dessert after a whole bunch of heavy eats. 

TRY: the build-your-own yoghurt bar!