If you're looking for a cool place to celebrate your 21st birthday, or simply just want to have a fun time with your girlfriends while sipping on glasses of bottomless mimosas, then George's on Sunset is the place for you.  As their slogan states, "If you don't bring your lady to George's, someone else will!"'

This hot spot is an untraditional brunch place that incorporates all your favorite brunch items within a club-like environment. Their food items vary from classic French toast to a watermelon crab avocado salad. One thing I noticed immediately was the variety of options. Whether you’re a meat eater with a craving for steak and eggs, or a vegetarian looking for a savory margarita pizza, George’s really does seem to have it all. 


As far as food is concerned, I can assure you that George's provides large enough portions that you will be needing a to-go box. For a college student tight on money, it's important to spend money wisely. The prices for the majority of their meals do not exceed 20 dollars, and it costs 15 dollars per person for bottomless mimosas -- a relatively low price compared to other brunch places.

As I've mentioned earlier, the menu is wide. If you're a health nut looking for something new and interesting, you might want to try the goat cheese and tomato omelet. If you have a sweet tooth, you'd probably love the banana and chocolate pancakes. Or if you're simply a meat loving human, you might want to check out their steak and eggs...all of which are under 20 dollars.

Stacy Marie-Luce

Before You Visit  

According to the restaurant's official website, George's opened in 2010 and they thrive to make every experience at George's as fun and unique as possible. Let me tell you, every time I have gone, I have not been let down! However, before your visit, make sure you have a reservation...because tables get filled quick. It might seem like a hassle to have to reserve a table, but trust me, you'll be glad you did because it cuts down on the waiting time. The servers at George's are very attentive to each and every table. You food will arrive quicker than you expect, and you'll be so entertained by the music you'll lose track of time. 

The Atmosphere

The main factor that separates George's from its competitors is the music. Unlike other brunch spots, George's plays music that you can dance to. During my brunch experience, I was able to munch on some fried calamari while dancing to some reggaeton. Living the life, am I right? They have a live DJ that plays songs upon request, so if ever you feel like you're not "vibing" to their music, you can always make your way to the DJ and she'll give you a funky remix you'll love.

Given all that I have said, there is no wonder why I would recommend anyone who lives in Miami to visit George's. After all, George's on sunset is a foodies' paradise: beautiful decoration, beautiful music, but most all: beautiful food. 

Visit them in Coral Gables on Sunset Drive!